This is getting exceptionally stupid, tons of crashes just trying to install, ive been trying to install now for over 24 hours now and I can't even ACCESS the folder microsoft uses to put the game in so i can clean slate it or anything who knows how many "copies" are floating in there that I cant do anything about. How about when your doing a debute release to another part of the world you use an ACTUALLY conpetant company microsofts setup is a joke and that alone is going to make people not want to play.

seriously any help would be great because im on the edge of just saying its not worth again OVER 24 HOURS JUST TO GET IT TO A PLAYABLE STATE 3 error crashes and 2 connection drops killed it now im on 5000/60381 (2/2) AGAIN for the third time today i was at 40k once that hurts especially since it seems to process one thing a second thats roughly 16 hours by simple and very rough math for a single patch

As everyone else, we have to wait for an official statement from the PSO2 NA team what they're gonna do about this current mess.

@SaengerLamm292 wait for the statement another 8 years...that´s the SEGA way

I can't even start Microsoft Store now with all these errors and fix try.. I will just wait a Steam or Launcher release, and if they want to stay on Microsoft Store i'm just not gonna play and keep my money.

I'm not gonna reset my computer for this game. First time I have to use Microsoft Store, spoiler : it was the last time.

NA Devs --> If you want more players and more money, release an alternative launcher version.

well i cant even open WINDOWS APPS where it installs to see if its just piling BS and sending my hard drive on the road to crashing

i had posted in an other topic of mine. For everyone like me who can´t load the 11gb launcher file from the store.....we need someone who load his launcher filse in googledrive with shareble we can load from that to get the launcher.