Progress so far

Class Levels: 50 RA / 30 BR

MAG Level: 200 (100 RA, 100 DEX)

Armor: full Takemikazuchi set +10 with 5/6 slots

Weapons: Yasmikov 3R +30 / Red Launcher + 10

Alliance: Level 2 (might hit 3 tonight)

I would like to do more AQs, but Forest is the only one in the Beta, so getting A capsules is not ideal at the moment.

Haven't tried a Super Hard quest yet, had to switch from grinding to helping my brother and wife level.

At about 7 hours of gameplay.

That poor mag...

@VaricBreem not really. The level 200 is more valuable than a half leveled mag waiting to be made into a pure.

It will be easy to level down the mag and make it a pure when the full game is released, cause I am 100% whaling it.

Only if current excube exchange rate is applied , if its still old conversion in NA version 50 ex cubes per lvl wont really be that easy or cost effective, I'm of thr opinion rushing wont help , do somthin right the first time and you dont have to hopr a saftey net can save you

@VaricBreem if I can't level it down then I just register a new MAG and buy the large device ups.

Gonna need 4 different mags minimum anyways, no use worrying about character optimization in a CBT that is meant to test functionality of a port.