many of us are facing a lot of errors here is what im dealing with for example after trying every possible thing the last 17 hours Error pso 2.PNG

Still cant get the launcher to open so i can download the game files And i know many other people have errors besides that What i wanna know is why no one from the dev team or the community team has responded to any of this i mean they said they are aware of errors like 15 hours ago and have not said anything since so it would be nice to get some kind of info Anyways i'll leave it at this for now i don't think i will be able to login any time this week since honestly thats how long i see this taking before they decide to try and fix anything anyways so i hope the rest of u figure out your errors and how to fix them meanwhile i will be playing other games until someone can tell me how to fix this game cuz jesus christ even playing the original pso 2 in japanese and making a sega id are 20x easier then figuring out how to make this piece of crap work