[Ship 3] Forgotten - Small community looking to expand


We are the Forgotten Community.

Our small online PC community from another game is looking to expand into the PSO2 community! We have established ourselves in a small population game; and we are full of friendly, helpful people and do our best to maintain great atmosphere within our community. We do our best to keep drama out of our communities, as such we remove players who pose a problem for the general community. While a majority of our members are from NA, we do have a number of players from other regions such as EU and SEA regions.

We do not like elitism, as we are a very beginner friendly community. We all start from somewhere, and we all move at our own pace within games. We try our best to maintain a community of friendly, active members who support each other rather than compete to see who's better than others.

If you're the type of person who enjoys playing with others, avoids drama, and enjoys helping others learn a game when you're more knowledgeable, then our community might be for you!

I, myself, am fairly active, you'll often find me hanging out on B-001 at the casino roulette area(semi-afk watching things/playing other games while I play). I am more than happy to help others learn the ropes of the game, and assist where I can. As are many of the members of our community. We hope to find even more players who are willing to help others and enjoy the company of like-minded players.

Feel free to whisper me in game(Player ID: Loner), find one of our members and ask them to get a hold of an officer, or come find me(Character name: Lone) at the Casino(B-001) or Gate Area(random channels)!

Please note: Try to change your player ID(ship selection 3, support menu, change player ID). Player ID is unique to you on the server. and by default is shown to other players as PN2185812821812. To make it easier to communicate, we require players to change it soon after joining.

Like others are doing, bumping so we don't get lost beyond page 6.

Still recruiting. still small in comparison to many alliances(dozen members or so). but still growing!

To those who are unsure of how to whisper someone in game, go to the visophone, do an ark search on players, put 'Loner' into the spot. That's my Player ID unique to me on Ship 3. Keep note, whispers do send if someone is offline. so if it seems like i'm ignoring you, i may not be online, or afk long term.

Can mail me too! Press F8 to open mail, new mail, and put Loner down! Can leave a response here too so it doesn't look like I'm talking to myself here, or message from the forums.