Really long patching time

Is anyone else getting really long patching times? i've gone about 7 hours now from first download on the windows store and its still going i've stoped it twice each time about 3 hours and 30 minutes in and its already about an hour in now 82c9989d-c90e-41e5-99e9-b10cf510ff9c-image.png

The time remaining is Also totally wrong its said ten minutes for the last 45 minutes

In the same boat I actually left it running all night came back this morning it had 6 hrs left. I closed it restarted the process now it just jumped up a bit to 13 minutes from 10 minutes and it was stuck there before for over that waiting to see what happens.

You're not the only one. I just woke up. Left the computer on last night, and it still isn't finished:

Phantasy Star Online 2 5_28_2020 06_39_10.png

Wait time is very bad. I'm very patient but this is too much. I keep telling myself that after 8 years of waiting, that it would be worth it.

I hope there are solutions in the future. Because if this is how the future patches going to be, Sega is in for a bit of trouble.

started at noon finished at 4 am its slow and every patch it be like this

Hehe, progress bars are notoriously one of THE hardest things to program for.

o/ =^.^=

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It's gotten worse. There was another error, so after trying it again, I ended up almost running out of space, and had to uninstall it.

If I didn't have another partition on my SSD, I probably would never even try again.

I hope they fix this quickly. Cause I didn't wait 8 years just to end up with this crap.

I don't know if it's actually patching or downloading additional files for the game, but 10 hours of waiting is just too much. For me, at least. Not only that, after rebooting the game cause i want to adjust the full screen resolution (and turned out i can't do that.) so that i can stream the game with 1920x1080, the patcher won't start for an unknown reason, and i had to re-download the game and experience the 10 hours of waiting. Again.

12 hours and still patching. thanks MS for this awesome experience

ALSO DON'T REBOOT ur computers its borking the game and you have to redownload everything and cant delete the game files unless u understand windows file ownership and how to change it ( had to learn on the fly) ur left with a 70Gig wart on your hard drive after mine finally finished and i played and rebooted i'm done

@ImoutoHunter186 said in Really long patching time:

12 hours and still patching. thanks MS for this awesome experience

just think this will happen every patch they release SWTOR has this problem