I'm going to list here the errors I encountered yesterday, during my 13hrs trying of installing the game, and although I posted my experience in a rough manner in another topic, "game won't start after game guard", in which I believe 3 or 4 people only encountered that problem and manage to make the game work with things that they posted there. So if you are having that problem, go and have a look at their solutions, gods might be on your side, and you might be able to make it work.

Also one thing is confirmed for people who gets the game working restarting your PC will delete files of the game

So for Devs or GMs I've decided to explain in more details what the game is doing in most of the cases.

  • The moment I click on Install at the MS store, the folders "windowsapps" (which is normally a hidden folder and will need to grant permissions to open) and "modifiablewindowsapps" are created under, in my case C, for short from now onwards I'll call them "wa" and "mwa". Inside "wa" I get the famous "oxyna folder", and inside "mwa" nothing.

  • When the game is ready I launch the Phantasy Star Online 2 icon on my windows start menu, and the NA launcher comes up, it says that it downloaded the latest version of the updater, in which I can only press back, then starts downloading the game. Now the folder "pso2_bin" is created within "mwa" folder, and the folder "mutable" is created under "wa". In the case of "mutable" I find inside, what it displays with the icon of a shortcut to a folder, oxyna folder once again, but with the same files that the "pso2_bin". So if at this point I open the oxyna folder, directly under "wa" the files that it contains is lesser than the actual "pso2_bin" and also none of the .exe files has the icon of pso2, just a standard .exe icon, but if I access any of the other 2 mentioned folders created, there are more files, and all of the .exe have the pso2 logo.

  • Downloading is finished (Oh lord thankyouforyourblessing because I'm ahead than most people) so I go ahead and click "start game" red giant button of glory, launcher closes, PSO2 logo in the centre of the screen, and on the top left corner GameGuard starts updating, finishes without any single error, then just the PSO2 logo, and then... nothing, under task manager the task just closes itself. (This is the original "game won't start after gameguard")

  • Since there are so many folders with pso2 files at this point, I went ahead and decided to manually open them from the folder, and here is my favourite part, when going to "mwa">"pso2_bin">pso2launcher right click open as admin, a completely different logo opens and the JP launcher starts! whit my basics of japanese from the golden era of PSO2 JP 4 years ago, and also but this point knowing what each button does by memory, I click start game, and immediately after I get an error saying that "d3dx9_43.dll file is missing". At this point I'm committed to play even if its in JP, so I re-install my DirectX drivers, launch the game again.... nothing happens, not even GameGuard opens.

  • If I try to open the launcher from the "wa">oxyna folder, it straights tells me I don't have permissions, even though I granted myself all the permissions of the world, over "wa" and all of the contents within, future generations will bow to me, AVE CEASAR!, it won't let me modified the permissions of the oxyna folder, nor the launcher inside.

  • If I now try to open the launcher from inside "wa">"mutable">"oxyna folder", NA launcher chan appears again, click "start game" now again no GameGuard part, just a famous error about the "vivoxsdk.dll" appears, and sorry at this point I didn't even tried to fix this, just uninstall everything and went to bed.

Sorry for the long post and the lack of potato.