Stuck on title screen

As a FFXIV gamer of three years, Sega and MS can learn a thing or two from SQUARE ENIX on how to get players logged in to the lobby instead of being redirected to the title screen unnecessarily. This clearly explains (outside of the long download) the low ratings for this game. A game of 13 years should never make it hard for new players to get in.

@Lunaotic97 You need to install the Xbox Console Companion and login using your user ID. You can find the companion app on the Microsoft Store...

I'm sure you all have quit this game by now, bc there are so many issue, but this actually fixed the problem for me after multiple attempts.

This issue has suddenly arisen for me again on the eve of the Steam launch after months of play with numerous other issues (all of which I've been able to fix). I have currently tried everything short of rebooting my system and/or reinstalling the game all over again in a different way. Thanks, SEGA and Microsoft. Your product up to now has been "flawless" without the login issues. I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll mess up the Steam release and lose a whole bunch of the install base on one day due to a similar, hypothetical login error, but seriously... just let me play the game. Stop messing with how the login credentials get processed, and just let me play.

Update: Upon rebooting my system, the game lets me log in with my previously working credetials. Thanks, Microsoft for making such a "flawless" product as Windows 10 and allowing me to play games like Phantasy Star Online 2 upon it equally as "flawlessly" on a monthly basis. I like gaming and fighting with my operating system in order to play games... If only I weren't lying through gritted teeth, you would know how much I "love" your products and support, but you don't care either way. Please fix your janky garbage.