Old psu and pso names

On PSU 360 I was Phanta the beast fighgunner. I go by Chal now.

So... How many people here from PSU remember the ToiletFairy?

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I doubt anyone remembers me, but I've been around forever.

I'm a bit late to the party, but there's my daily dose of "gosh, now I feel old" for today, lol.

Back on PSOBB, I wonder if anyone remembers the Team named The Fallen - during one of those Max Attack/Yahoo Cup things, we were a semi-smaller team size but still trading for 1st/2nd/3rd place in the Team rankings for the event because we were online constantly running the event.

Sad thing is I cant quite remember everyones' player names.

Pso and Psu on ps and pc. Cast names blue thunder. Teacher named kukichi or kiki. Human named jruto.

Does anyone have and images of the old event leaderboards?

That was a bit of a bump, but...

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Does anyone have and images of the old event leaderboards?

This reminded me of the horror that was Maximum Attack G...

Not only do "Who has the most free time" leaderboards with unique rewards suck in general, but I was staying away from home during the week for the entire period of that event. Darn near killed myself on the weekends to catch up with the pack, and ended up placing 293rd for that Spread Needle/G. I recognise a few names on that list as Online 2 players today which is pretty neat.

Really relieved now that Online 2 hasn't done this yet, and I seriously hope it never does.