Old psu and pso names

Used to be on PSOBB and PSU as Jubeisaotome! HUcast / FOFighter.

@Home-Dog yes i remember you

@AnonMarc i remember you im naruto12312

Claire Arikado, FOnewearl from PSO Episode 1&2 on Gamecube FOnewearl.png

Forever and always will be:Spanky GT I'm a Leftyy

@Geordie-P ahh the s+10 exploit. I was fairly new when that happened and the person helping me just said to buy as many as I can since they were going for like 2-5k meseta and then a year later they are 500k per unit. Great investment

eP33 PSO on DreamCast

Well that's annoying. My reply went POOF, because I am under the 2-minute restriction still?! But anyway, my Gamertag: Lucky 13 X is what I have been using since I started playing Phantasy Star Online on original Xbox and on to other versions of it.


Huh! That rings a big bell with me. Hello waves.

PSO BB- Kindering (HUmar) PSU - Kindering (Human, Acrotecher) PSO2 - Kindering (Human, Bouncer)

Battleedge, if you ever see this, we have been waiting for you buddy!

Played PSU on xbox 360. Same character name :). I used to sell double sabers and Heart of Dulk, Vijeri/Resist units 🙂

Booda Fett, Spliffman, and Kali Mist

Yes, I smoked a lot of weed in my 20's when PSO came out

My PSU main character name was Big Pimpin, I rolled as a beast fighter (several classes). Will be the same on PSO2. I played until they shut the server down and have wanted more ever since

I am YOYO from pso Dreamcast and psu Xbox 360 .... how is everybody

All these names I remember seeing around in old PSU days...Nostalgia is flooding in @_@