Old psu and pso names

Im currently looking for cloud Davis so if you see this please hit me up

Went by _____ now redacted

@JimmBimm lmao, I laughed harder than I should have. Did you ever recover?


  • PS/360 | PSU | StormStrickland | STORM

  • PC/PS4| PSO2 | StormStrickland | Selene Storm

  • XB1 | PSO2 | OkiStorm05 | Selene Storm

  • Alliance | n.W.o.

Another game I went for is the Kubara kid illminouse carrying normally a sodadoc rank web useing couple of s rank units to increase damage kinda effective on damage makes a agito repca 1/1 look crap lol

On PSO Dreamcast and PSO 1&2 on NGC I was " Cedk " Full blue HUmar Hunter with pinkal ID member of the " Samaritan's Guild "

Wren cast on pso1 hunter destroying stuff with chainsawd sword.

Have players like jess and k/bit been posting in here Im too lazy to look.

@Geordie-P said in Old psu and pso names:

Have players like jess and k/bit been posting in here Im too lazy to look.

There's a search function.

@Rantious I know but that needs GT's I was just curious, those ppl know who they are.

I was Jase on PSO and PSU.

......It's also my gamertag.

I go by Ciel mostly now though, and Ciel is my PSO2 ID.

Dreamcast/Xbox i was Wrath, hung out primarily in Oberon.

some of these Dreamcast names sounds familiar ish, if anything i may have bumped into a couple of you.

PSO 1.0, 2.0, and Game Cube I played so many characters its hard to single one out now as a main. Some that come to mind are Silky, Ninya, BloodDragoon, Siccorro, Rose, Kitsune, and a few others that might be viewed as inappropriate and were made primarily to use the message displayed when joining someone's game as a source of lulz. PSU I was on 360 and logged the most hours with my Male Cast named BloodDragoon which I played Hunter and Ranger classes. There was a Female Newman named Ninya that I played when I felt the need to spam techs. Playstyle on the newman pretty much gravitated towards the philosophy of "what good is magic if you don't use it to blow things up?". I frequented PSOWorld quite often back then.

PSO2 JP my main was named Ritsuko

@Home-Dog omg long time no see how are you !? Do you remember me ? You was part of UPPA wasn't you ? Anyway here's my Phantasy star game in order..

PSO Dreamcast -Hannibal king PSU PS2/PC -AL1ST0R (Human) XBOX 360 - Nemesis (Male cast FM) Bladez (Female Cast FM) PSU JP - Nemesis (cast FM) PSO2 - Nemesis (Human Etolie) Sytry (Newman Ranger/Hunter) PSO2 NA -Nemesis (Human Ranger/Hunter)

Yall would probably remember me from psu as Malcolm the tall buff female beast