Microsoft Account Required to launch game (file system error)

File system error (-2015294512)

I kept getting this error trying to launch the game after the initial store install. After looking and trying a few things like reinstalling, the solution was simply to make a microsoft account. I never had a microsoft account and as soon as I made one and logged into the store the game finally launched. I could not even get the game to open and start the updating.

Can you believe this crap? They can't simply and honestly tell you straight up an account is required to even launch the game. I suppose you need a xbox account anyways to play the game, but apparently it prevents your from even launching the game.

Thank you!

ey do you believe it? I have a MS account but the fucking shit store give a fuck...he sayed 0x8007065E and even the fucking MS support can´t fix that shit.

nochfragen.JPG any questions ? xD i hope the higher ups will realize what cuzing all the problems and make the game independed from the store and give us a compensation for this shit. i mean we cant play the game at all and trying since release to get in and missing the events.... espcially the skilltree resettickets : /