Alright, these are the problems I was facing today during the time that I was trying to install and play the game as an european citizen.

  • Problem #1: "Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently not available" in Microsoft Store (website & app)

  • Information #1: Installing the game from an European region required me to change my computer's region in Settings.

  • Solution #1: Go to "System" > "Region" > "Change country or region" to United States. This is a harmless action and will not have any negative effects on your system whatsoever. You can switch back as soon as PSO2 has been installed through the Microsoft Store (web/app). I believe a computer reboot is necessary if problem #1 keeps occurring.

These last two problems are both related to difficulties arising when using the Microsoft Store App on your computer.

  • Problem #2: "You can't sign in here with a personal account. Use your work or school account ..."

  • Information #2: I couldn't "sign in" to the Microsoft Store App with my regular Microsoft/Outlook/Mail account, it was just bugging out and displaying the error message above.

From what I understand; my Microsoft Store (C://WindowsApps) had been corrupted because I had been removing and deleting many apps related to the Store, thinking I would never need the Microsoft Store App. This is what most likely is the cause for me not being able to "sign in" to the Store App.

The method I used is the same as the method for solving Problem #3, see below. There are certainly other ways to fix that but I did a clean swoop-ity sweep which I will explain how to do in the end. It's very easy.

  • Problem #3): "We can't log you in right now" [Error x404]

  • Information #3:

  • These are the main Xbox Apps on the computer {Microsoft Store}:

  1. "Xbox (beta)"

  2. "Xbox Console Companion"

  3. "Xbox Game Bar"

  4. "Xbox Insider Hub"

  5. <----> "Xbox Live Identity Provider" <----> this is the one that was missing from my computer (microsoft store app / WindowsApps) and is THE BRIDGE between PSO 2 and Xbox Live. If this app is missing then that is why you can't sign into Xbox Live while inside PSO 2 client.

From what I understand, if you have deleted it from your computer (it is a default app that is preinstalled) like I did then you might have to reinstall Windows 10 (see "Solution for #2 & #3").

Other than the apps, the system components related to Xbox Live are these services.

  • These are the four Xbox Live "services" on the computer {system settings}:
  1. Xbox Accessory Management
  2. Xbox Live Auth Manager
  3. Xbox Live Game Save
  4. Xbox Live Networking Service

You can access the place of "Services" through Task Manager but to edit their functions you should go into your System Settings > "Services". Just use the Cortana-"search" on your taskbar (Windows 10), enter "Services" > "Run As Admin"

A) You want to have them "running" by right-clicking the 4 Xbox-related "services" and pressing "Start". B) Secondly, you want to go in their "properties" and put all four of them to "Automatic" instead of "Manual".

*** Just to clarify, the above didn't directly fix anything for me, I just believe that you should set them settings to make sure everything is properly adjusted when it comes to Xbox Live connection - if you are struggling with PSO2 (PC) not recognizing your Xbox Live (Microsoft Login). ***

Now, to the actual solution of problem #2 & problem #3: Reinstalling Windows 10.

  • Duration: 1-3 hrs.
  • You will not lose anything on your computer. xx
  • It will just log your microsoft account out from the computer; you will be able to relog once the reinstall is done.
  • Solution to #2 & #3: A) Download Windows 10 Installer: ["mediacreationtool2004.exe"] B) (!) Choose to "Save/Keep" all your apps and files (!). C) Alternatively you can "Reset This PC" in Settings, just make sure you set the desired options or backing up what you want to save on the drives.

  • Information about Solution #2 & #3: Basically, the Windows 10 reinstall "cleaned" my Microsoft Store stuff and now everything is fresh. I also got the critical app "Xbox Live Identity Provider" installed. So it is basically like a reset of Microsoft Store (?) and everything else on my computer is the same, even the desktop background hehe.

When I first heard "reinstall Windows" I was pretty intimidated but wow this was such a quick and harmless fix to both the Microsoft Store and Xbox Live issues.

Xbox Identity Provider.png


  • Problem #4: Error code #1803: otp_notice_na.rtf when relaunching the game/Pressing "Play" to start the PSO2 client ("oxyna = Oxygen NA") from Microsoft Store causes an issue which interrupts this process and wont let the user open the game.

  • Information #4: This has to do with file permissions regarding the folder "pso2_bin" under "ModifiableWindowsApps".

  • Solution #4: Once you follow the instructions in the linked video here you will be able to open the PSO2 launcher and start your update/install/game. Go to minute mark 02:00 where he starts explaining how to fix the file permissions, it has accurate subtitles so don't mind the language or alternatively find the same solution from another source.

Link: Name of youtube video: "PSO2 - ERROR 1813 FIX (German + Eng Sub)"

Note: this immediately fixed my problem and allowed me to access the PSO2 Launcher after I reinstalled PSO2 due to a Repair-bug in Microsoft Store.