I had the game installed this morning, played it a bit before work, and left my computer on while I was. There was a power outage, my PC rebooted, and when I get off of work and change over to my gaming PC I find that the PSO2 installation won't work. Tried the direct file path, tried shortcuts, tried the windows store, find out that it needs to be reinstalled. Hit reinstall, nothing. Hit it a few more times, get a few more nothings. So I go about tracking down every single piece of the game that I can to remove it manually and try again, only to find that the MS Store has dumped an extra 50 gb of data onto my drive in a folder I don't have access to. So I grant myself access, delete the folder, try the MS store installation again. Bar fills, I download 11 gigs of data, and there's an error. Check the WindowsApp folder, and there are now TWO sets of files, each containing 11 gigs' worth, but the folder they're in only states that there is 11 gigs being used. There is one user account for this computer, it is mine, and the folders read that I am the owner but I STILL cannot delete them at this point. It can't decide whether I can't delete them because they're open, or I can't delete them because I don't have permission. The error code I am receiving from the store is 80070003, which seems to refer to duplicate files in the intended directory. Files that I cannot delete currently, and that deleting once in the past did not prevent.