Tried everything. Is there a official fix coming or should we give up?

So I tried every fix possible in every corner of the internet (Discord, reddit, youtube, official forums etc..) and I managed to make the gameguard icon show up on the upper left corner of the screen. For my utter disappointment (I've been trying for hours to play this game) the gameguard screen just closed itself and nothing happened. This is really frustrating and I can't imagine how such a catastrophic launch is making you guys feel. But a little bit of attention would be very much appreciated... Can we have some sort of official answer just to say "Look guys we're aware of the whole thing and we're working on it". So far I've heard one hidden tweet talking about the issues. This is terrible. I really enjoyed playing PSO1 as a kid on my gamecube and I didn't really expect anything from PSO2 but damn I was disappointed.

Anyways my questions are :

Will you fix the game? Are you guys planning on launching an official patch fix? We already downloaded the game at least three times. Are we going to have to spend another one hour and half waiting for the download?

The more you stall the more people mess up their hard drives and pc configs. So... Anytime you feel like giving a s***.

8 years later xD

Just give up for now trusth me i have been tying to fix this shitty launcher the whole day and nothing seens to work error after error after error and the devs just went silent the only thing they said via twitter is "we are working on it" btw i reinstall the game over 4 times already and try every available fix.

Damn u got to the part where all the files are downloaded meanwhile my launcher keeps closing on me saying it downloaded a new version and is restarting which it never does since yesterday but yeah the no reaction part form them is annoying af ive posted my problem here since yesterday so its been like a good 16 hours at least and to no avail a solution has been found or a usefull response was given Error pso 2.PNG

This is the shit i still deal with even after changing permissions , installing on the C drive or any drive for that matter , even after turning off all anti virus , after changing every single item in all the shitty permission asking maps to run as admin i still cannot get past this honestly im so damn close to just giving up i do not know what else to do at this point