A roleplaying community for NA? Yes!

@Morgothryuzaki Just to clarify, I didn't ask for an apology, nor expect one from you. I'll find a way to survive negativity from a jaded stranger on the internet, too. But to be clear, I made that post not for your benefit, but for anyone else who wanders through the thread, so they don't take the hateful things you said as undisputed truth.

@Sha-Seng Once again,what I said IS true. Period. I stated the facts about my experience being ruined by role players who refused to do the required mechanics because they wanted their role play to be the priority over everything else. I have witnessed degeneracy with erotic roleplay,I have been insulted over wanting to you know,do the content I was queued up for when clearly they wanted their role play to be more important than the shit I spent 3 hours queuing for. I have also stated that not all roleplayers were this way. All I said si that I don't need to see this kinda shit in another game. Role players can stay quietly in their own spot in my opinion. I have had enough of my fun ruined by people role playing and I have a right to be vocal about it,wether or not it is seen as 'negativity'.

Also just because you disagree with me doesn't mean that your side is more right,just saying. Clearly you love role playing and that's fine really. Heck do it. Just do it where you won't bother people who don't care for it. As for myself,I seriously think it should stay off the game or 100% in private where people won't notice it. Sadly going by what I have seen in both WoW and FFXIV,I doubt that PSO2 being invaded by RPers is going to be fun for people who don't care for that.

PS: If you had your fun consistently ruined by this shit, you'd be 'jaded' as well.

@Morgothryuzaki I really have a hard time understanding how RPers could ruin your experience ? Would you care to explain and give a practical example in PSO2 ?

@Utahime39 I'm going to do a bit of a stretch but i kind of have to : ERP exist.

Edit: also custom symbol arts can have "suggestive content" on it too.

@Dracoco1214 said in A roleplaying community for NA? Yes!:

Edit: also custom symbol arts can have "suggestive content" on it too.

But that's not even roleplayers though. You don't have to have a creative writing hobby to be an unrepentant pervert. Like, that's the thing, it's not roleplayers who are bad, it's inconsiderate perverts who shove their vulgarity in other people's faces, whether they roleplay or not. I'd even venture to say we can all agree on that.

@Sha-Seng Fair i guess but yeah that's essentially the only way i can see RPers bein abusive of others players, aside from maybe not cooperating when they have to in a dungeon for instance, as long as you don't force your rp on others it should be ok regardless but some RPers are just THAT invasive tho or they claim to do RP but are just closeted perverts.

@Dracoco1214 Yeah, that's fair. I've been doing MMO RP for like fourteen years now, and thank god random RP in game content is rare, because I'd want to choke them too, lol. As for the part about ERP, a fair comparison is like...if RPers are writing short stories, public ERPers are sexting. It's not really the same, and it's not something anybody's gonna jump to defend, really. As for me, I just have fun writing a big armored CAST soldier girl going on missions with friends.

@Utahime39 I cannot give it in PSO2 context because I have yet to see it happen,I can give you a Final Fantasy XIV context however.

Let's say you are a DPS queuing for a dungeon,you are solo because none of your friends are on at that point in time. So you waited 30 minutes+ for a recent enough piece of content. Then the healer or tank comes in and starts roleplaying with their people forcing it on your run. They don't do mechanics that are required to clear said content,wipe repeatedly,making you need to repair your gear because its completely broken and if you leave before the total failure or while there are 4 party members,you have to take a 30 minutes penalty for leaving,making you unable to join any grouped content for the duration of said penalty. That is but ONE example. This is ruining people's experiences quite litterally. I have had that kinda shit happening a lot. When I tried to make them understand quite nicely that I wasn't down for their RP and shit,they insulted me and made damn sure I'd be stuck there as long as possibleĀ­.

FFXIV is my personal therapy and PSO2 as well is starting to be. I don't want to have my fun ruined by someone who just wants to RP. I guess that at least in PSO2 we don't have a penalty for leaving. Do we?

I just want to make one thing very clear. I don't hate role players. I get the fun with that,I used to do it when I was way younger and in highschool. My point is that there ARE people who are being intrusive with this regardless of your opinion on it.,and its those people that ruins it all.

@Dracoco1214 Gross people / trolls are not specific to those RPing, if they're blatantly breaching the game behavior rules, just report them. I encountered more gross people outside rather than inside the RP community I played with, but I would refrain to specifically associate a community with a bad behavior because of some nutcases.

@Morgothryuzaki You're describing a problem with pick-up groups, not RPers šŸ™‚

I don't know how PuG works on FFXIV but if you can't eject a group member, you have to accept the way the group behaves or just leave it. And ultimately why would the RPers do it wrong ? If they are enjoying the content their way and they repetitively wipe because of it, why blame them ? I mean it's not like the game MUST be played a certain way or another.

@Utahime39 Nah. If you want to RP,you can go in as a private group and not go into matchmaking. This isn't a matchmaking issue. And they speficially said they were RPers.

You are litterally defending people going in with other people completely unrelated to their RPs and ruining their fun. You do realize that right?

@Utahime39 And sorry to bring it to you,but if YOU go in with random people and all you want to do is RP and fail,then you are causing issues within a group of people that just wants to clear. If they want to enjoy the game that way,then they can go and do it with other people who wants to do so. This is extremely toxic behaviour and you are defending it.

Also the game has ONE way to clear content,yes. If you ain't in this game to clear shit then don't go in and queue for content. You are ruining the runs of people who are already waiting sometimes hours to get into that shit. They can RP all they want,as long as it doesn't intrude on other people. They have groups of people whose sole purpose is role playing,no need to join random matchmakings of people wanting to CLEAR content without idiots refusing to do mechanics because 'MUH ROLEPLAY'.

@Morgothryuzaki Who decided that matchmaking was forbidden to RPers ? Again I don't know about FFXIV but on WoW an instance can be rich in lore and doing it RP-style interesting. I understand that you did not like the way they played, but that does not make their way necessarily bad. I assume that next time you're in a PuG that states they're gonna RP the instance, you'll just leave. But that does not make the RPers bad people.

@Utahime39 Once again,I never said they cannot join. But if they do,the least they can do is ask if its OKAY to wipe to shit for whatever role play they want to do. Otherwise THEY can take that 30 minutes penalty. You need to realize that they are forcing people to either endure the painful run or take 30 minutes of not playing the game,just so THEY can play the way they want. This problem is solved by joining people who wants to role play with them and not forcing themselves onto people who wants to clear. Stop defending that shit,its ridiculolous. Yes they can play how they want,but they don't have to ruin people's runs. No one wants to wait 3 hours to get into content just to have it fail or having the tank/healer RP dying 3 times just for shits and giggles. You need to realize why this isn't okay in a game with definite rules about clearing content.