Help with crafting

I need help with crafting. The crafting option on room terminal isn't there. I did a google search. I could not find anything other than JP server info. Am I missing something? Must I do something to unlock that option? tyvm for help.

Crafting isn't available yet on PSO2 NA.

@DarkKiaser Unfortunately, the crafting is not yet available on NA server. And we have absolutely no idea when it will be 😢

EDIT: lol

How am i post to add a class to a weapon? I am Hunter/Force and I cant use my force because I can't use rod's and such? with no crafting?

@DarkKiaser I feel you. You def are missing something, good thing is everyone else is to. All you must do now is wait and hope we get some info about it coming soon.

So I take it sub classing is a wast till crafting?

@DarkKiaser No, you still earn stat boosts, helps a lot if you want to run multiples, and you'll need to hit 75 on more than 1 if you plan on progressing with the story and other classes when introduced.