(PC BUGS) Might go back to Xbox

Idk if this is just me but I feel like pso2 (at least for pc) is really buggy, is it just me? As of right now I’ve been sitting in a loading screen for at least 5 minutes trying to start up a regular exploration. Picking up loot, damaging enemies and interacting with the map is sometimes delayed for me as well. It’s really concerning because I thought it might’ve been my PC at first but I have a pretty good one and now I’m positive it’s the servers. Just curious if anyone else had these issues or similar issues in general. Xbox One PSO2 was perfect but on PC man........

It's the damn Microsoft store so ass is th problem. Never should had limited it too that crap. They had halo on pc why not this Microsoft

I only played an hr or so on my pc and did not notice any performance issues other than server lag due to the ship being full. That said even with the my pc running in 4K with higher frame rates I still prefer playing on my Xbox One X. My 4K display is only 60Hz so those extra frames don't do a whole lot for me.

It's not frame rate the speks I care for. But the fact it's on the dumb store where all other Microsoft big games are on steam is frustrating. The store is ass the acknowledged it and they still screw us.


We warn them they refused caused they thought Xbox is good just go to pc. XBOX DON'T HAVE THE PC LAUNCHER. Of course it'll work better. Microsoft store isn't the same on PC. It has never and will ever work. WHY is K.I and halom on steam. Cause Steam is a PC launcher that work with games. Yet again Microsoft heads so far up their ass on console they forsake PC to this crap we have to figure ourselves. This is why I effing hate microsoft, should had been song who gotten this

Honestly either a steam release with it or an download of the launcher on the main website could of solved a lot of the issues here

Reason why it's not like that cause sega was to much of a coward to put it on na by themselves. They knew we wanted it but nah. Microsoft gave them a helping hand but the store is fucken asssssss. They didn't want to put it on steam cause they lose some revenue. THIS IS THE MAIN ISSUE REVENUE. They purpose put it on the store for money.


Wondering if the money is even worth the hit in player base . Could turn away those who would spend money . Besides couldent they just do what other sites do and have it all done on their own website?

They have the money to not care. And no sega na don't have the rights to do that. Sega jp. An cause that's their home. Na needs translation, marketing, voice actors. MONEY