[PC] The game just deleted itself

@Ramdes35 What do you mean not lading? Was the game uninstall itself after the restart even with tweaker?

New player of PSO2 here, and I must say that I rarely met games that so masterfully keep me on edge with thrill and fear for hours. I just wish it'd be in-game 😄

I managed to get half a dozen hours of fun on the game, until it got broken yesterday evening. I tried many troubleshootings since (thank you tweaker for trying so hard) only to have the game files suddenly vanish an hour ago. Now, after battling more against the OS, I put the "deleted-but-not-really" files back at their place and currently hope that the tweaker will manage to repair that mess. That, or I'll spend another week downloading everything again. Which I'd prefer to avoid.

So yeah, careful if you plan to play today, I sense that the tweaker will need another update soon to correct another MS Store misbehavior. What a trickster that store is, making sure I don't have too much fun 🙂

Ah the infamous "This MMO will self destruct in 5 seconds" bug strikes yet again!

Honestly I don't really like the windows store it's so tempermental, pity they couldn't just give the game a regular installer with xbox integration built in instead. This bug isn't even limited to just this game seen it happening with some other apps too, probably the microsoft store itself bugging out.

I believe in this case , The files were not digitally signed, Hence good-ol windows 10 Antivirus engine will delete them. Especially IF you have notifications turned off, The antivirus will still do it's thing running in the background. You may want to try going into control panel and in your antivirus settings ( It's the icon that looks like a shield.) , and take a look there, Find the most recent activity, Chances are, It deleted those files because they were False positives.

@Shadowen The game doesn't really "uninstall" itself for me since when I look the files are all still there, it just simply doesn't load or do anything after I turn off or restart my PC and try to play the game afterwards. Not too sure if this is the same problem you and others are having but this is the same problem I had downloading the game through MS store...

@Ramdes35 Different problem I believe. Mine was just gone after the restart. At first it wont just load, when i click the play, nothing happen. Afterward or I think after the restart for the second time, it just went Poof ._.

@Shadowen Ah I see. Haven't had that happen yet... but all in all hopefully all these problems get fixed during maintenance next week, and if not all then at least the login and launcher not working issues. I can deal with the main lobby lag but not being able to play the game and/or have to keep reinstalling and downloading every time I turn my PC off is really annoying...

@Shadowen said in [PC] The game just deleted itself:

@Ramdes35 What do you mean not lading? Was the game uninstall itself after the restart even with tweaker?

Should be impossible for itself to unstall itself with tweaker if you are not installing it in program files.

@Malix-Farwin I just did with tweaker this time, hopefully when i turn off or restart my pc, it wont POOF on me. But i read some people still have that issues even with tweaker. So...hoping that won't happen to me

I had the partial uninstall issue. I went to the microsoft store and it said I had to reinstall so I did. after it was complete the files were back but i didnt have the ability to run anything. so i restarted my computer and all my data is now gone. fresh install. im hoping I dont lose everything I did. I had a max level character 😞

Yeah, I was wondering about that too as well. My PC only gave me issues once and I found that the character I just started ,Which I managed to get to at least level 20 was gone. No big deal, So I just started over.

Download and install via the tweaker. The tweaker updates almost daily and at the moment, it allows you to install and download the whole game without going to Microsoft store. After that, you can connect your account to Microsoft to log in.

@Ramdes35 Just yesterday to try it out, i attempted to download the game with the tweaker only, to install it outside of it's natural directory, it didn't work out for me for some reasons so i installed the 11 Go back for ms store with normal directory but still updated with the tweaker. Your only option is to do what i failed to for the game to not delete itself pretty much.

Also my actual install works but not the method with the custom install path, i can't get it to work and i don't know why.

I paid money to support this game and in return it removes itself from my computer. Well done. Maybe eight years wasn't long enough.

@Dracoco1214 Oh wow...smh. Sorry it isn't working for you at all. I pretty much installed the game the same way you did and the game will work until I restart my computer. Just re-did everything again yesterday and so far it has been working for me (knocking on wood right now... lol) but it did this the second time I did this method and after 2 days or so it was back to not working. Hopefully third time is the charm.