[PC] The game just deleted itself

@Zarozian i downloaded it but it didn't stop the game from being deleted, can u elaborate a little more?

The Tweaker doesn't fix the game commiting seppuku when installed in a secondary drive... It's the only thing it can't fix yet.

I'm trying the defaulting of my D : drive as the main installation hard drive, and reinstalling again, but I think that error is very critical, and it's a shame neither Sega not Microsoft even aknowledge it... And that worries me a lot

At least I won't have another mmo addiction so maybe im lucky that the game is not working.

I think this just now happened to me as well. I restarted my computer and when I click on my PSO launcher, nothing happens. My PC reads it as installed onto my computer but I cannot execute the application. Manually deleting all files from drive now.

It appears to happen if PSO2 is not installed on your C drive or the drive your OS is on.

@Vaden That is the case for me so that may be true.

@Vaden said in [PC] The game just deleted itself:

It appears to happen if PSO2 is not installed on your C drive or the drive your OS is on.

I've not had any issues since installing the game on a drive outside my OS. That's not to say it couldn't happen, but no problems so far.

@Qwid1339 This is so disheartening. I was so excited to jump in and play. Purchased 30 tiers of mission pass, completed my first ultimate quest then booted and now I'm in the forums crying.

@SHYST It's okay, it will all get better shortly.


I never had PSO2JP on the OS Drive due to space restraints.

But, when you install PSO2NA on a different drive then OS, it gets hilarious. It just ENCRYPTS THE GAMEFOLDER using EFS on target, lol. I can't enter the PSO2NA install folder, since I am not allowed to decrypt and can't take ownership anymore.

I wonder why it works on some people.

i cant even delete the fucking game 😐 like nothing on my PC will let me remove it

@Ccaptain-Ginyu Have you tried running under safety mode and forcing a deletion. CCCleaner is a good way oof doing that.

If you can take ownership, do it. add yourself to "Full Access" for that folder and all files by inherit.

search this forums for CACLS, you should find a post of mine ,where you can try to fix that with. These are for the Mod folder, though, not the WindowsApp one. I may add that later. bed time now.

im currently yeeting every file by hand that i an find for it

its currently deleteing it but i cant remove the bin folder

what the hell was sega thinking letting Microshit release the game. . . smfh sega makes ANOTHER full retard choice. . .just like in the genesis days