[Ship 2] Looking for an Alliance

Hello there! I just started today on Ship 2 and I am looking for an alliance to join. I am not too picky, just don't want to be in a mega alliance, prefer something with 50 or less players. I also would like an alliance with an active discord that actually uses it.
Last thing I prefer is a more mature community of players, not opposed to younger people, but would prefer the alliance have an average of older players.

Anyways name in game is moveit124, discord is moveit124#0571... I don't know how to do the alliance thing or friends so probably message me on discord 🙂

bump Still looking! 🙂


P L A T I N U M is a NEW alliance On SHIP 2! check out our recruitment page to see what we have to offer to our members.

Sincerely, VoX

Rappybusters is an alliance that started during the closed beta. We have around 50 members right now so feel free to check us out too.