Rising weapons badge 2

does anyone know where or how to get the rising weapons badge 2? Because it'll help me get the ray sword.

Maybe Elder urgent quest?

Not sure where I got but I have 5 of them. I went XH Elder once and XH Mining Base: Despair twice. I feel Elder is more likely.

EDIT: Looks like XH Elder drops badge 1.

Also, it can appear on the daily items of Fresh Finds Shop. Today, we can buy one for 25,000 Meseta. Only one, but no way to miss it.

@Fiona-Respha You beat me to it. Yeah I been buying them every chance I can when they are meseta base. They tend to be random on count and when they do the SG.

@SRTSlpnAtTheStx I also been getting a few drops from any ULTRA hard quest and uq.

Yes, I could notice a drop log of badge 2 when we defeated a Leomaduraad in XH Wind & Rain. But that quest is a chaos, not sure if it was from a random Frog Rappy nearby. lol

@Fiona-Respha I like the quest a lot, but it might have been the retro Forrest theme that got me at first.

Correcting my earlier post. Looks like XH Elder drops Rising Weapons Badge 1, like the SH- difficulties of the same quest.


A bit off-topic, it also drops Nero Obsidiashard.