Game literally stopped working after logging out

So I played the game for a few hours before logging out, went to log back in to check something real quick and now it will not start. I thought maybe it had to do with my nvidia driver updating, as the launcher would open but the game would be stuck minimized to the taskbar. Now the launcher won't even open. Repair does nothing, Reset does nothing, Uninstall does nothing so I can't even delete and redownload the game, I can't look up it's file location. What is going on here??

@Ignigknawt yes I have the same issue, was playing fine, logged off about 2 hours ago. Havent been able to get the game to launch since. Hit start game and nothing happens.


same with meee.. not does start when button clicked.

@Ignigknawt Same here. If you uninstall and leave it for like 2 hours it will uninstall it *I think. Because doing so eventually makes the microsoft store button switch from play to install. Then you get to install it all over again (another 2 hours) and it may have doubled in size. No clear way to simply uninstall and it certainly isn't clean. When it ran, it ran OK; but the lobby lagged really bad, but fine outside of there. Now after clicking on the icon after like forever I get an error message from the .exe saying the requested operation requires elevation. I'm the only user and always been the Admin. So this game is basically holding like 80gbs maybe more hostage.

So basically after uninstalling and reinstalling it MAY launch again, but eventually the launcher will just not open no matter how many times you try or ways to open it.

I'm having a similar problem. Game ran fine, then I logged out and it won't even grace me with an error prompt when I click the icon. I've tried restarting, but given that the game took Literally 10 hours to download, I'm hesitating to uninstall it.

Edit: And all of a sudden it works again? IDK why. Actually no, the laucher seems to be going for the 10 hour download again. I really hope this doesn't have to reinstall.

My buddy is having this same issue. The game launched fine and then he closed it to put it in to full screen and now he cant get the launcher to open from the play store. no errors or anything just nothing happens.