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DId anyone notice the first error messages were in japanese? lol

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This more of a first obt than a cbt to be honest.

The only thing open about this test was that people who used Xbox Insider were guaranteed to get in. However, it being such a short period (even if extended), sounds about right for a closed beta.

closed betas usually last several weeks to months, at least all the ones I've participated in have. open betas on the other hand are usually weekends or sometimes a week. I've never been in a closed beta that took only a weekend.

@Chal Most games aren't ports with a very good foundation to begin with. Not only that a lot of the CBT was for server stress testing. Unlike the tech test where tracking and finding bugs was important. OBT will probably be more like a soft launch.

I know that I just find the naming funny. they could have done multiple OBTs instead .

@AnonMarc I grabbed a used one at gamestop then took it back the day after beta ended 😂

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CBT is loooong over now. Let the thread die.