Please Release on Steam, The Uninstall/Open/Fixing Madness is Unbearable

Legit, please.

Two of my 3 computers can no longer run PSO after I spent $60 on the game.

Windows Store won't let me reinstall, Windows 10 won't let me uninstall, the program won't open, and this isn't worth it. If Microsoft wants the cash grab, great, but, at least put the software on Steam so we can launch it.

@Mother-Vain did you not know that the digital version is free, if it is that frustrating why not simply switch to the Xbox one version

Or just play on JP which you can run even on win7 and has no problems- a higher quality translation than the official NA one- unrestricted character creator and more content.

But that's the argument everyone will use- truth is they should have just made NA like JPs as far as same software needed- same OS usable and same content- with just the translations and QoL being major changes.

@TURION-MOONSTAR Yes, tell a PC player, who's been waiting years to play the game, to simply go out and spend a couple hundred dollars, on a console he'll only use to play one game. That logic makes zero sense.

Microsoft needs to fix their platform, or the game needs to be put on steam, which can link to Microsoft servers. I know this for a fact, because my elder brother plays numerous online games, not available to Xbox, and I can see his Xbox live account playing them, as he's linked all his online accounts. And in case you try to call me an elitist, I play on Xbox.

@Anarchy-Marine I had assumed that they already had one 🤮

@TURION-MOONSTAR It's never wise to assume. At any rate, simple observation of the botched PC launch, would have shown you how many non console players had a vested interest in PSO2, given how crowded the servers were. The fall off was due to that botched launch, as even though many were able to play, many of those people were using a third party tweaker, just to install the downloader for the launcher. Many more couldn't get it to work regardless of what they did. And even those that managed to get the game to work, either through Microsoft's store, or the Tweaker, both had the game randomly delete itself, or become unplayable, and un-installable.

This is a Microsoft issue, as their PC end store has been known to be problematic. Even the launch of their own Sea Of Thieves on PC had it's share of issues. Microsoft needs to fix things on their end, and it starts with fixing their PC app.