NO answer for this error????

I have been searching for a answer for this and do not seem to see another people with this issue/ reporting this issue.


my drivers and OS are all up to date and nor can i run application as admin and every time i try it wants me to go back to store page

WIN 10 Pro i7 6700k GTX 1070 Ti 32GB RAM

@Win10update2363 when does it happen. Before the game is fully installed? On launch? Before it finishes installing?

@John-Paul-RAGE when i go to launch game it pops up straight with this message and nothing else

@Win10update2363 when you go to PSO2 in the windows store does it say "Launch"?

@John-Paul-RAGE yes even tried the start menu and it is fully installed

@Win10update2363 my game launches from a different from called "ModifiableWindowsApps" when I launch it from the Microsoft Store first. It is supposed to map to "pso2_bin" and launch from there.

@John-Paul-RAGE now see that would make sense but why is it asking for it in a hidden 0 access folder

i have tried launching from the modifiableWindowsApps but it will not run... keeps say saying PSO2_1.PNG

i have uninstalled and re installed twice

Try typing "ModifiableWindowsApss" in the search bar at the top and see if it is visible to you.

Or Pso2_bin

the photo is directly from my pso2_bin located in the ModifiableWindowsApps folder

I have the same problem

also shortcut target is locked so you can't change it to correct target PSO2_2.PNG

try going into your and see if you have a second account if you do remove the old one its the problem
pso2 is trying to use the old account and not the new one hence you fail to have the requirements to run the game

no account is connected to my PC