Wrong urgent quest 8 pm PST?

so if i read the scheduale right it should have been Urgent Quest: Gone With the Wind and Rain but we got the raging arm one instead?

I waited for the quest as well and was disappointed. Not sure why it was swapped.

I also got confused about this.

Same, stayed up all night for this.

okay so it wasnt just me that saw that, i thought i mixed up the colors.

ya what the heck! weres the new UQ?!

I have been asking about this no one on twitter or here is talking about it!!!

I had some alliacne members get the right one while most of us got the wrong one!

I purposely stayed up and only slept an hour to see if this thing would ever show up and nothing.... maybe tonight? Wtf is going on at Sega?

Thankfully, we got the UQ as scheduled tonight.

Still, are they going to ignore about the yesterday case?

It just happened again today. the schedule said Wind and Rain but instead I got a mining base urgent.

@RegdrenC The MBDO: Incursion happening right now is just a random one, I suppose?