Now i have finally make the game start ! No USER ??????

I had to give myself the ownership of the entire pso2_bin and gave permission to USER Then had to do the same thing for pso2.exe and otp_notice_na.rtf During the Operation Progress from the launcher

Then after i turned off my firewall and Antivirus the launcher finally got updated. Launch the game and now i am stuck on the starting menu and the start button is just flashing and on the lower left edge of screen i see : Current user : No user

why ? i am tired of working on this

@Onxtinct sounds like it is not connecting to the xbliveservice to sign you into a Microsoft account.

I am not at home currently so I cannot direct you to the file to check directly, try googling Microsoft Store xboxlive service

I have the same problem and I login with xbox app and xbox console companion but don't work, with xbox console companion I open game from inside but nothing

I have the same issue. I started all the xbox services by hand and still when opening the game it doesnt log in and no other key is working to switch account or whatever.

where is the PSO2_bin?

This post is deleted!

I have the same problem, I got past those updating errors but now I have "Press the Enter key" and Current User: No User issue.

It is supposed to have "[Tab] Switch Users".

I just compared two computers, one which works and another which does not.

Made not of all the setting differences. I am going to try making the changes one at a time and see what fixes it.

Will report back in later.

By this Time i also tried every Install, reinstall and xbox whatever thing. Nothing worked. I hope someone finds an fix for this