Story discussion! [SPOILER ALERTS!!!] [Seriously, this whole topic is story spoilers!]

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Hey players who clicked in! Lets talk about the story!

This goes without saying but THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS ENTIRE THREAD.

This whole thing is nothing but spoilers.

Do not proceed further if you don't want spoilers.


Last warning!





Okay so now that you've come this far lets start just talking about all the story. Not just episodes 1-3 but also 4, 5, and 6!

I'm really looking forward to lots of the NA players getting to Loser and finding out that ARKS is SUPER evil ­čĄú

What are some story moments yall are looking forward to?

Just finished Ep 1 30 mins before the beta ended. Best part was Eternal Encore and Luther's voice in english.

Oh dude I didn't even think about Loser in English! Who they got? @SoulSonikku

I'm looking forward to Episode 6. The enemy that they've got for this one, the big bads being some other Photoners than Luther(!) and their army of Vex-looking things has me intrigued.

Hate to let you down, but Shiva is a pretty boring antagonist so far.

Luther's probably the best antagonist, as he actually has interesting plot/character progression, and it's fun when he gets his comeuppance. Elmir in Ep5 is fun too.

So far, but we also don't have the whole story for 6, do we? Also, what had my attention in the first place was that we thought that Luther was the last of the Photoners, right?

That's what we been told since like episode one @Robsynclair64 re: luthor being the last

Question. Is the story mode of this game just in game videos? It seems there was not much combat inter spersed with cutscenes, and just cut scene and then Mission Complete.

The story varies from chapter to chapter. Some are very light on gameplay, others have a lot of gameplay.

How come Hitsugi is worst girl

Who was the guy at the very end on the last Urgent Quest (in the beta) that comes out of Dark Falz (or whatever that creature was) at the end cutscene?

@Hakase I beg to differ

@Aperture-Mage That was Elder, one of the primary Falz that you'll be seeing...a LOT. You'll also grow to hate him as you play through the story. Full disclosure, he's a total a-hole.

Episodes 123 HAD mission quests before Episode 5 was launched, IMO it made them more enjoyable to be you the one choosing the path and see the changes. On the other hand you unlocked paths and events finding drops for the Matter Board.... which was horrible.

I hope they change it again in the future, bring back the old missions and maybe re-balance them (at least the ARKS GP), the omnibus is basically a recap of the whole thing (you should be able to watch everything from your room, but not play the cut quests)

@Lucky-13-X The first few episodes used a weird mechanic that was really grindy and they ended up just removing and making the cutscenes quests.

It really wasn't that grindy though. You could get through a board fairly quickly once you realized that if you're just looking for the yellow markers you could watch it, then leave the quest and start another one up to get the next yellow marker to pop almost immediately. In addition the Matter Board was improved at one point where all blue node drops were made 100% guarantee.