4K Workaround With Improved Font Size


This has been a challenge for a few of us on the forum did some tweaks with the screen and my font size has been much better actually legible on 4k. This still needs to be fixed in the game and the Xbox One X has much better 4k font.

Step 1: Open your user.pso2 via notepad or a editor like Atom or Notepad++. The file is located in your documents folder by default: \Documents\SEGA\PHANTASYSTARONLINE2_NA

Step 2: Do a CTRL+F searching for Screen and replace existing values with the below:

        Screen = {
            InterfaceSize = 2,
            MaxScale = 2,
            PreferredScale = 1.4,
            ReferenceResolution = {
                Y = 1080,
                X = 1920,

Step 3: Repeat the same and search for Windows and replace with the below.

Windows = {
        Width3d = 3840,
        Height3d = 2160,
        Width = 3840,
        DisableMemoryOptimize = false,
        FullScreen = true,
        Height = 2160,
        VirtualFullScreen = false,
        DisableDirectX9Ex = false,
        ManagedDevice = false,

You should after this have a workable 4k, best of luck.

Thanks heaps! this worked a charm 😄