Bought AC but did not receive any


So I wanted to buy AC to create another character (with the 500 it was asking for), and I went ahead to purchase the '1000AC Exchange Ticket' on the Microsoft Store.

After that, I went to go and try to create another character but it seems I didn't receive any AC? It just remained as '0' and I'm rather confused. I've already waited about an hour and I see that my payment has gone through. I've exited the game and relaunched to no avail.

Is anyone else experiencing this or knows how I can resolve this?



Haven't even been able to get the MS store to process a payment at all today, could be some communication issues between the game and the store.

@Michael Sometimes it take some time for it to cross over. Took me about 1-5 minutes to cross over. if it still doesn't show I would open a support ticket.

I'm also having this issue - I bought this because I didn't want to wait hours for another character to be deleted. You know, the level 3 I spent 10 minutes playing that'll take a full 24 to delete. Very annoyed at this.

Some of us cannot buy AC in the first place, despite being US residents: