Error To Obtaining latest Version

So youyou download the gam launch it it dose its thing the this pops up the wholee Failded to download file. unable to successfully update to the lastest version. please check to see if the file is read-only. c/:program File\windowsApps\100B7A24.oxyna_1.0.7.0_x64_wyfsmff9yn [No.104]

So scene don´t eaxlt know wearth files are i figuer ill chekc file upre th app ofthgame updateing but it get to the point 2/2 get pretty much to the end the says it fails i been at the so so long it drives me crazy currently. need help-

@CC120 So also when upfate gettin no.140 error 23 as well.

Same here man, i can't find the fix anywhere.

@Player008958008 Not haveing that issue any more im in and playing-.

august 30 error obtaining latest version try again later ,

i got that same error and have to reinstall mine. but this time i'm using the PSO2 tweaker to reinstall it and hope it solves the problem (still waiting for the download finished tho)