I know there's a lot of stuff going around about this game's installation issues right now but honestly it's so ridiculous. I have tried everything all day long to get the game to work. After I finally got it working the first time, I had to restart my PC and it broke. I spent a few hours getting it set up again and shut down my PC to go out. I came back recently, turned on my PC and it was broken again. I tried the solutions on threads and reddits, I have the most recent Win10, I've done all I can. People say to just wait, maybe in a few days or a week or a month the game will be working but will I even be interested by then? I know MMOs can have a rough launch but this just seems too much, especially when it's so difficult to even get the files removed from your PC after the game breaks.

I linked my account just to rant in a forum for a game I've been waiting years to play because I'm so disappointed. Sorry this has been said so many times but I really am just completely frustrated by this launch. I don't know if I'll be coming back to the game later after having such a bad first experience.