PSA: Remember to have Win10 fully updated

Well, so far, every Windows update has brought an issue with PSO2. I'm hoping that the tweaker will solve most of the problems, but this needs to stop. I shouldn't have to do a reinstall of the game. And now the space that I used for the previous install, I can't get it back. Not even off of a SSD. What's up with that?

@Daigoji-Gai said in PSA: Remember to have Win10 fully updated:

Several critical crashes can be avoided by making sure Windows 10 is up to date. I was having BSOD critical errors and the update resolved the. Was finally able to play more than an hour without issues.

I agree with updating windows. However, I have had repeated reinstalls of "Phantasy Star Online 2" caused by installing any and all windows updates.

  • Install Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Update Phantasy Star Online 2
  • Play Phantasy Star Online 2.
  • Open Windows Update
  • Install Windows updates
  • restart computer
  • Login to computer
  • Open Windows 10 App store
  • Navigate to "Phantasy Star Online 2"
  • Click "Reinstall" because the game status is "This app has encountered a problem. Please reinstall to repair".
  • end loop.

Also as a side Note, I have found that windows 10 feature updates can causes phantasy star online 2 to require a full reinstall as well.

I give up.

I love this game, i really do, and seeing whats coming has got me even more excited about it. BUT.....

I just had to redownload, reinstall the game again... getting used to it but then as i was finishing getting it ready to play, right before my eyes i watched the files disappear. Now i am not going to waste my time and Internet data by downloading and installing PSO2 twice in 36 hours especially since i cannot be sure how long it will allow me to keep the game installed on my own damn computer.

Sega, MS, whoever i don't care, FIX the problem. I can only hope that the Steam version will not have this issue until then this ARKS player will be AWOL.

So I waited over 24 hrs for this game to download and now I cannot launch it. I kept on clicking the icon to start and even made sure it runs on administrator yet the problem still persist. I updated my windows to the version before 2004 coz for some reason I cannot download the latest version which is 2004. This is a huge disappointment because I have no idea how to fix it since I'm just new to this game. Anyone got any tips how to fix this?

@Demon-Occ Well, right now the game is down for maintenance, so you wouldn't be able to log-in anyway. However, if you are completely new (ie. you haven't created a character at all), then you can just forgo the MS Store version and get it on Steam tomorrow, which should, in theory, not give any of the install issues that are present with the MS Store version.

@AndrlCh Sadly, the steam version isn't available in my country. I'm planning on uninstalling the MS store version instead since I cannot find a way to fix this problem.

@Demon-Occ If that is the case, then your best option is to use the PSO2 Tweaker to install the game. As long as you follow the instructions on the site to the letter, you should be able to run the game with little-to-no issue.

I'm not going to link to it directly since I'm not sure on the forum's policy regarding linking to third-party software, but a Google search should get you to the arks-layer site.

@AndrlCh Seeing as the game itself is over 70gb and it took 24+ hrs to download the whole thing just to see it fail to launch and doing it over again on a third party installer because the devs cant figure out how to make the MS store version work doesn't seem worth the time. Game installations shouldn't trouble the players that much 😕 . I hope they would make the Steam version available to more countries but until then, I'll just stay away from the game. Thank you for your help though, I really appreciate someone helping a newbie like me on technical matters like this (as I cannot seem to find the "report a technical issue" to the support).

well, had a windows 10 update yesterday and today when i went to play pso2...guess what happened? pso2 wont open. whatever...guess i will link my account to steam and see if that finally solves the problem. and to any newcomers to this 'incorrectly named' 10 updates will break your pso2 install. that is a FACT.

As mentioned previously, windows update will ruin your game files. Then you will have to deal with painful deletion and painful reinstallment. Plus, every windows update brings new errors. And steam version supported by only 30+ countries, so rest of us are just ghetto. And full reinstallment process take about 6-10 hours. If you lucky to make it work again at all. A lot of good people leaving because of that. So Microsoft and Sega need to do something about this whole problem, or not only they'll lose a big part of players, one day angry mob will come to them, with lawyers and assault rifles.

I would never update to the latest feature update until it's confirmed to be fixed of all major bugs/issues. Infact, 2004 still isn't even offered to me because I use non-consumer hardware (TITAN RTX, i9-10900X) yet, which means they aren't confident that it won't ruin work environments yet... No from me to be on 2004 until they get their shit together.

Also I heard if you use Windows Store version (I use Steam) then windows updates can completely uninstall the game and/or make like 300gb+ of backup files for it.

@Demon-Occ said in PSA: Remember to have Win10 fully updated:

@AndrlCh Sadly, the steam version isn't available in my country. I'm planning on uninstalling the MS store version instead since I cannot find a way to fix this problem.

If the Steam version isn't available in your country then neither is the Microsoft Store version because they've reached parity with countries allowed.

Well the steam version works, though customer support for this game is non existent. To all I suggest going back to a real MMO with customer support.