My issue is I can play just fine after installing, but once I turn off or reboot my system, the game data is locked away and no security setting is allowing access to the files. I press the button to launch PSO2 launcher, and nothing happens. Even if I can get into the folders with the EXE files, every one requires encryption from another source that the files do not seek out, or they say I don't have permission to access the game. Either way, everything works fine gameplay wise until I shut down or reboot my PC. Once I do, uninstall from the program directory in Windows doesn't work. I get that Microsoft helped you bring PSO2 over to the US (even though SEA had an English translation 4 years ago) but whatever your unison is between the Microsoft Store and the PSO2 launcher is, it is breaking the game file permissions and orphaning 60+ GB of files PER INSTALL if you don't figure out how to manually remove them (luckily I have some knowhow and am able to reclaim space on my SSD). This is beyond urgent or even critical. Figure out how to get better handshakes between Microsoft Store and the PSO2 launcher or this is DOA.