WTF Microsoft

when i installed the 1st time it takes 11gb and the launcher works and asks for another 90K+ files for file checking which takes a really huge amount of disk space and finished it but the game launcher failed and won't open they suggest a reinstall of the game (suggestion come from threads having the same issue) so i did reinstall the game and then WTF Microsoft the 60+GB from the 1st attempt didn't remove the space so i thought it will carry over by the next reinstalled launcher but the check files didn't detect the previous files now the files are downloading again and it eats the whole 60GB of disk space again with the previous download WTH how do i fix this?

there is a backup folder in "WindowsApps" (hidden) named "MutableBackup". I found over 100GB in there when the game was trying to repair itself.

I don't know if this would help, but would perhaps reallocating where apps are installed/moving them to a separate drive help?

It would do the same there.