Error loading game: [NP1002]


Everytime I try to boot the game I get an error as soon as the game is starting up and it just says "An unexpected error occurred. [NP1002]"

I have uninstalled and reinstalled, did file check, tried to alter graphics settings etc and it just always fails.

Anyone know how to get it to launch?

I get the error as well but it's while the game is running

Did check files in launcher, and then a repair/reset in the windows Apps thing for PSO2. Got some file permission errors for C:\Program Files\WindowsApps and set permissions to ensure I had full admin rights - then launched the game as administrator and it seems to be working!

How long does the repair/reset thing take? Also can you elaborate on how you set the permissions for the WindowsApps folder to ensure you have admin rights?

I too was getting this error and attempted to check files/open as administrator however the problem persisted. At the time of getting the error I had left wow classic on to wait out queues. The error did not stop until I closed wow. Once it was closed the game began to operate normally without error.

Hope this info helps, good luck

Ahh yes... I had another game open and I closed it. Now I do not instantly get the error. It seems silly that you aren't allowed to play another game while PSO2 is open (which is really silly) but, yea that fixed it for me.