over congestion

i play on ship 3 and at this moment i logged out of the game (xbox 1), all 90 blocks were over filled, many at 33% to 50% premium space filled, this cross platform merge was a horrible idea since now the game lags horrendously, especially on the ship itself (lobby, shopping district), there are just WAY too many people just loitering around doing nothing, i can think of only 2 solutions to fix this issue, 1. open the other ships and move whole alliances to them (and possibly make an option to change ships for individual accounts if people arent in alliances and wanna move), or 2. unlink the servers and make them console specific again, game was far more stable prior to this last update, i have reduced all my settings to the absolute minimum and i still lag, and i used to play at max settings, and im not the only person who has noticed this in my alliance, nearly everyone is having an issue with lag.

but seriously the cross platform merger was a huge mistake on developments part, im sure more then a few of these "players" are people trying to figure out how to bot to sell meseta, star gems or ac, because the blocks are flooded with lvl 1-7 players who are just clumped together doing nothing, im just waiting for "buy ac/sg/mes at xxxxxx.com" being spammed over and over again in area chat

it isn't so much that it was a horrible idea - as it is they really should have brought at least ship 4 and 5 to handle the influx and keep the playerbase full but not flooded - instead they tried to cram more into a mostly full can - guess what - it isn't going well lol - their best bet for a solution now would be to bring exactly those two at least up - ships 4 and 5 - and offer free ship transfers for those willing - heck even if they offer a little something like a couple full scrap dolls or some salon coupons to incentivise it - otherwise it's only going to get worse - they need to pay attention to this and try to fix it now before it drives people away in frustration.

The only ship i have a character on is full now. Bow i cant even play the game which is unfair as hell. PSO is the only game i can play atm due to connectivity issues and since everyone decided to make a character on Ur, I literally have to wait to play lol and like you said a bunch of people in the lobby just doing NOTHIN.

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One thing you should understand is WAY back in the day. 2012 on the Japanese game. English player would go to Server 2 : Ur and practically live in Block 20. But block 20 was always full of course.

But, now that the game came to PC, every English player from the Japanese game joined the English game. And can you take a guess at which server / blocks they automatically went to?

I made the mistake of going to Server 2, and i redeemed my Xbox / Microsoft windows rewards in game, and man do i regret it. Ill probably be moving servers

Ur, is probably the worst server to go into. There will be a lot of people who sit around. because that's all they did on the Japanese game

What SEGA / Microsoft need to do is have a Automatic AFK kick system. if not, the servers will always be screwed

yeah well ship 2 has been a flaming wreck since yeasterday - basically anything past noon well past midnight and ALL the blocks are flooded - like outright - 120+ blocks completely full up using premium space and everything - to the point where - me - being the only one on my internet - having the only hardline - to a hardline only setup - is lagging just trying to walk around the common areas - such as the gate area or the shop area - yeah it is just that bad - and to be clear I been on ship 2 since the beta - I migrated to pc when they released it to pc but I started on xbox one - I dug out my old release model from storage lol - so I didn't make a new account to go to ship 2 - I was already there lol - it is just that bad - they need to start working on this now not later - you solve probelms like this with an active approach and it shows people you care - people appreciate that - especially these days - you ignore people and it only leads to people leaving and spreading a negative image of your game through word of mouth and internet posts due to frustration - which in the end hurts a fair lot - hence why they need to really start trying to catch up and maybe get a little ahead of this mess.

Ship 2 has been a mess since everyone keeps telling new players to join Ship 2. Each ship can only hold so many connections before it can't hold any more, just like any server. The ships are already designed to add blocks to accommodate more players when they fill up, but they can only had so many before it reaches max capacity. When that happens, other players have to wait until someone logs off or is disconnected. No Ship can hold an infinite number of players. They can hold a max of maybe a few thousand each ship.

that's kind of my point though I probably wasn't very clear about it - the servers can only handle so much per ship - there is only so much flex there before you just hit a very hard and very real cap - hence why I advocate opening ships 4 and maybe 5 and maybe offering limited time ship transfers to let people who are willing to move to take anything they spent real money on upto this point with them and willingly leave - though at least they are paying attention - they said on twitter they are aware of the problems and looking at them - so credit for seeing and admiting to the issues and talking with us - too many devs would basically ignore us instead sadly

I am all for them opening up other ships and giving a limited offer for free character transfer to a NEW, not an existing ship. It just makes sense. The ships are already there. They should have just started with 6.