"Disconnected due to system error. Please wait a while. (No. 608)" I haven't gotten in once yet.

I've tried hundreds of times now since the beta first went up. I try "GETTING STARTED", Ship 01, and Ship 02. Always the exact same error.

I don't understand.

I’m Having the same issues can’t login getting 608 issues and I played during the closed beta no issues

same issues here even tryed reinstalling but same thing

Are any of the other ships available?

nope there are 3 but they all have same prob

Friend is having the same issue.

Can you all use the support menu to submit a ticket please? We need documentation on this. Thank you!

tryed but it wants a ship and block number that i cant give lol couse thats were i get the error lol

Ok. Hang on. I'm contacting Live Ops directly for you.

Unfortunately they haven't been able to determine a fix. You can try this though:

"Phantasy Star Online 2" uses TCP 12000 to 12999 ports as communication ports on the server side.

If these ports are blocked by security software, firewall software, router, etc., please configure them so that they can be used.

Also they suggest closing all other software that may be open or running on the Xbox.

Also, another user seemed to have success after getting this error code by removing and re-adding his account to his xbox.

the remove account worked ty