Didn't receive sonic collab pack items

Its not in the phone box

its in my windows store library

when i hover it says i need a valid platform so i tried on PC and xbox.

It took my 60$ , its on my account , but no items showed up in the mail box, only a log in bonus item did.

Probably because of the huge screw up they have going, it's not being sent properly. I had bought it while I was logged in, didn't get it, went to log out to see if i had to relaunch game, and have been in unplayable hell since.

Also in the same type of predicament. Bought the Ragol Fashion Pack around an hour or so ago and have still yet to receive it from the visiphone.

I bought the sonic pack. When I went to visipphone only a few of the 15 items or so im supposed to get was there. I have still not recieved any of the important stuff likme storage space improvement or premium pass. Im starting to think I was straight robbed of 50 dollars.

Where are you finding the link to buy those packages? I don't see them in the store...I must be blind lol

@burgandy2345654 said in Didn't receive sonic collab pack items:

Here is a link to the sonic pack: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/sonic-collaboration-pack/9p6n9lpd8c2n?activetab=pivot:overviewtab

Here is a link to request a refund: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/supportrequestform/ce13499f-dd3b-8dfc-cc0a-4ab23f66218c

Awesome thanks!

This is what I see now...

SONIC Collaboration Pack is currently not available. This content requires a game (sold separately).

Yeah while i'm still waiting to get a fresh server glad they took it down dont worry guys it's all in your purchase history you have it their so I'm sure they will credit you with it. I would say try logging in and out but it appears to be a bigger issue if they have removed it from the platform. but I'm sure this is quite high up the list as it's costing them money and also puts people of buying products with the bad reviews

Yeah I just purchased the $60 dollar pack and did not receive anything. Hopefully tomorrow its waiting for me. If not ill contact support for a refund.

Literally just happened to me too. How is this not fixed yet?

I don't know anything in regards to this issue but here is a little helpful suggestion that I do and never have an issue. When ever I want to buy ANYTHING regarding packs or AC etc I always go to my personal quarters first to get the lowest lobby lag possible so my purchases have little to no delay and instantly come in. I've only had 1 time that I brought AC and it took up to 2-3 mins for it to come and that's the longest I've had wait for any pso2 purchase. I hope this helps 🙂

same problem here, just bought it and nothing, could anyone here reply if they actually did get it in the end or is just spent money down the drain?

Hi there! If 24 hours passes and you still haven't received it, please use the support menu at the top of this site to submit a ticket so that this can be investigated. Sometimes it takes a bit though, so hopefully that's what it is.

Did you guys buy it for the wrong Microsoft account?