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thanks @ErinXh so I need to rush to 55! I know it's dumb, but using a summoner to farm things and trying to get all my techs ready for when I play my main! Techter

Yall got this on lockdown without me! Great answers, everyone who been submitting 'em! 😹

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  1. What is the most strong boss in PSO2?

In the JP version, there's a quest where players have to fight a certain "Episode 5" boss solo. That quest has levels, each time the player beats the boss, it unlocks the next level, starting from 1 all the way up to 999. In the 999th level, every hit of that boss does absurd amounts of damage (it pretty much can one hit KO with any hit, so the player must be perfect at dodging/guarding).

Sounds like a Dark Souls boss which is amazing.

@Plazza7020 A lot of folks actually think high level PSO2 is very Dark Souls. Tons of bosses can one hit KO you, and special raids are designed for only a single person even though you're fighting an enemy with like infinity+1 health. So yea, its very Dark Souls.

Are weapon camos one time use, or like costumes for wespons?

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Are weapon camos one time use, or like costumes for wespons?

They are like constumes. You can equip and unequip them. They can be used by other characters on the same ship as long as it's in their inventory.

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Hey there new ARKS! AnNA Systems leader here to help you with whatever questions you might have!

This thread is for yall to ask any level of question, newbie all the way up to level 95, all classes, all matters!

Teams, rooms, gear, whatever you like!

If I can't answer the question for you, then I'm certain another veteran player like myself would be happy to 🙂

Got a question?

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I have a few questions, hopefully you can answer.

What version of PSO2 will we be getting compared to the current JP version? More specifically, what major features will we be missing , if any?

The amount of systems is overwhelming on jp. I found myself confused more often than not with how to progress. When starting out, i cant' figure out which missions i should be doing on the regular. The field ones, or the arks, or the special ones. The client orders are all over the place and i don't feel like there is any rhyme or reason behind progression. I found myself struggling to get a grip on the game and still find myself lost at level 47. Any tips or a general guide on progression and systems? A lot of the guides assume some sort of advanced knowledge. i am looking for the longest , most basic guide that will familiarize myself with the game?

Disks and abliities and skill tree. The best example is my gunner. I made her because i wanted to do the matrix shooting. I have an ability that lets me dive forward but the one i keep seeing is the "neo in the lobby" ability. The cartwheel one. I have absolutely no idea how to get it. The disks i find in maps are all over the place. Are these learned on level? Is there any special way to get this ability i am talking about? Do higher ranks mean anything? I really just don't understand how it all works. I just want to shoot neo bullets cartwheeling and no jumping forward.

mags. I've read every guide and am still just not getting it. I get my mag license, i am a gunner. Please tell me what i am supposed to do with the thing step by step?

i have a ton more, if this gets a response and you feel like answering more i'll post more questions. Thanks in advance.


According to the client version, it's on par with the Japanese version. We've seen some weapons have Episode 6 buffs that wasn't there during Episode 1, so they might be gating the content while letting us have current PSO2 JP balancing.

You want to do all of the Free Field and ARKS Quests so you can unlock new ones. Take Client Orders that go with the enemies that appear in those quests so you can kill multiple birds within 1 run, y'know? Getting EXP as well as unlocking different quests will help you out, and you'll get some Meseta while you're at it. Honestly, leveling is pretty easy, as most people just kill everything in Advanced Quests with maximum risk (increases the chance of enemies being "infected", which increases the EXP received from those enemies). You want to party up with 3 other people when you do Advanced Quests, for a party boost (EXP and RDR).

Discs (on the Japanese version) were easily obtainable via Excube shop (EX-cube shop). They might return that on the Open Beta, but we'll have to see. Otherwise, you're going to farm them the old fashion way via Free Fields and Advanced Quests (the higher the difficulty, the higher the PA/Technique discs' level). Higher ranks and what's affected can vary for PA and Techniques, usually what's increased is Power, status rates (Techniques), and attack stat requirement (all attack types are affected by this).

A Gunner MAG needs its R-ATK (RNG Pwr) maxed to 200. You can either use R-ATK Food Devices, OR feed your mag R-ATK weapons, and then make sure to feed it a Dimate (or 5* furniture) to lower the DEX value that the weapon will give. If you mess up, you can exchange 5 excubes (EX-cubes) for a Mag Level Down device, and it'll remove a level from the unwanted stat-up.

@Lynn-F thank you for the answers.

how do i do the the cartwheel slow motions shooting?

@Taconight1977 That's Stylish Roll, which is TMG's weapon action. I'm not a Gunner player, but I suggest trying the tutorial for Gunner in the Training Quests. It's not going to help with more advanced combat situations, but it does teach you the bare basics.

@Lynn-F when i press the weapon action, my gunner just bounces backwards. I'll try it later again, thanks.

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@Lynn-F thank you for the answers.

how do i do the the cartwheel slow motions shooting?

That is a gunner skill. Pretty sure it's the shift key. Used it a lot in mining base.

Anyone have an idea when the OBT will happen?

@GoNsUnTaPpEd Probably March

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