Ask a veteran ARKS!

@Kwars01 All existing fashion for PSO2 can be used in NGS, but no existing costumes/outfits/layered wear will be compatible with the new NGS-type bodies, rather they are only making select N-type versions of certain PSO2 outfits that are (also, these conversions will be separate basewear than the originals, ie. no free upgrades). So, you can use the HEV Suit, but it won't have the new NGS body options, like moving fingers.


Yeah, if you are able to reach high crit rates (ideally 100%) then I believe the crit build (the first one I posted) is slightly better (replace with the weapon-appropriate S5, of course) thanks to not having any build-up time. if you're wanting a look at S-Grades for hero and phantom, I can offer some recommendations, though.

Hero has a skill on it's tree called Precision Attack Critical that gives hero an extra 150% critical rate when hitting an enemy's weakpoint. This makes the idea of running crit builds on hero very appealing, but afaik this is also hero's only source of crit rate, so you should take that into consideration before spending money on SGAs for it. Notably, however, this extremely high crit rate allows hero to use S4: Precise Balance (whether or not it is better than escalating pursuit I have not checked, but this felt worth a mention regardless).

As for Phantom, I don't remember any particular SGAs of note. S4: Steadfast Will appears to be a rather popular choice for rifle players, but how much good this will do you depends on how much you rely on normal attacks. IIRC, phantom struggles to get high crit rates, so non-crit SGAs are more worthwhile.

Finally, with the release of solo Sodam, a few SGAs have gotten cheaper or easier to obtain, notably S1: Aggressive Will 2, an unconditional 4% damage up. At least on my ship its nearly dirt cheap, and it's unconditional nature in addition to it's rather good potency makes it excellent for side-weapons or as filler.

I just returned from the game since quitting around the time vegas/tokyo first got added and noticed there's lots of parfaits I can get for my summoner, but I need rising weapons badges 5. How do I get those? I'm lv 77 right now and not sure if there's an event going currently that gives them or what?

@Presea28 RWB5 drops from quite a few urgent quests (generally on xh/uh difficulty), but the "Swirling Inferno" urgent quest in particular is a good/decent source of them. I believe there are also some up for grabs via the mission pass and event client orders.


"Swirling Infero on the Arks Ship" is your best source of RWB5. Everytime you complete the quest you receive 100 RWB5, plus a few more tou can get as enemy drops in the quest itself. Also Ash in the shopping plaza has a Client Order that gives 20 RWB5 daily just by completing said quest.

Other quests can also give a few RWB5, but in a more limited manner. Like Elder, Omega Luther, Elytron/Atolm Dragon (IIRC), and Profound Darkness. However, they only drop in the UH difficulty. XH Profound Darkness (12-man version) drops Hero's Crest, which you can exchange for RWB5, but this isn't worth to do anymore.

The Mission Pass also gives a few RWB5, but this season is gonna end in a few days, and the next one (if there's one) will also be the last one as Mission Pass will be discontinued in late May.

Since you're a returning player, remember to check the Collection Folder, since you can get pretty much every single ★14 Pet there plus their shiny forms (only exception being Shiny Vulcan.)

Which UQ is T: Longing for Omniscience? Is it Luther? I got one from Swirling Inferno today.


Yes, it is the 4-player Omega Luther trigger.

My understanding is that all Rappies except Nav Rappies always drop Unique Weapon Badges. I don't remember ever not getting the Rare Drop ding and having a UWB in the log as loot (been playing daily for the past year). I got drops including UWBs from Fire Swirl earlier today. Just ran SH Abandoned Mine, had at least three Elephrappies with no drops. Is this a bug or just concentrated bad RNG? I checked Bug Reports, nothing there.

Have 9 stacks of Kagasea Phantasmalite. What do?

@Zeroh Take them to the Astracite Exchange (second floor of the Shopping Plaza), trade them for Photon Boosters, go to the other end of that kiosk and trade those Boosters for weapon camos if you want them, or EXP Weapon Mini weapons which give you a pretty large chunk of Enhancement EXP with a low Meseta cost (if you haven't maxed out your choice weapons already). You can also trade them for Ultimate Boosters, or trade them for the 11-Star weapons in the shop which, honestly I don't know if they have any decent augment factors worth maxing them out for or if they'd only be good for swapping for EX-cubes.

But yea, long story short Phantasmalite is completely useless for anything other than trading for Photon Boosters, and what you do with them from there is up to you.

Where can I find the S5 augment "finishing blow?"

@Knight-Raime It looks like it comes from Final Battle: Space-Time Interstice (aka the solo Sodom Ultimate Quest).

I'm maining Luster and want some advice on a Left Ring. I have Atomizer Fanatic and Leaping Dodge slotted to my units and am wearing Mate Maniac, this leaves one slot that I don't know what to do with. Any help is appreciated.