Ask a veteran ARKS!

@Meikoloid Invulnerability can activate even when your Mqg's energy is 0%, as can PP Recovery trigger actions, a few of the Shifta/Deband ones, and Revival.

I just got "world of guardians" soaring blades as a drop from Cradle. It can hold S1 S2 and S3 augments. It's potential increases it's attack speed and mate items are used instantly. I was thinking of giving this to my etiole.

Is it a good weapon to use? Or should I just stick to making a rivalrate for its extra damage lightning thing.

@Knight-Raime I recall that the Rivalate Soaring Blades simply are the only "real" upgrade from the Jupiter Tullus until you get to the Klauz series but I recall that the Soaring Blades that increases your attack speed definitely changes up the gameplay of the Etoile. I would say it's really up to you at that point considering that you're trading bigger numbers for more speed and in a game that's more about you playing the way you want (and pulling your weight) you would definitely be able to make it work if you wanted to.


Thanks for the reply!

I'm a ways off from making a Klauz SB since I spent pretty much all my matts to make a gunblade for my luster. I think i'll just abandon the idea of making a Riva soaring blade and just use the guardian one that dropped until I can make a Kaluz. Second question while I have you. For saber and wand what should I be looking to make for weapon wise?

I was thinking trailblazer for my wand because of it refunding all my PP every minute with it's potential. But i'm unsure on if that's the best call or not. And I just dunno about Saber. I primarily use SB for harder content and wand for things like dailies.

@Knight-Raime I do not play the Etoile often so on my end I have all the Millionaire/Croesus weapons for them which I would consider to be the bare minimum for gearing up.

Considering how easy it is to make the Ayer/Agile weapons right now, I would probably suggest just making Agile-everything unless the weapon you are using desperately needs something like the Trailblazer's PP-regenerating potential, the PP-battery nature of the Genon weapons, or if there is something else attached to the weapon such as a potential like the Serpen Plenzer/Serpent Prenzer Jet Boots or the Rivalate S5 (which Agile will upgrade to Klauz for).

Agile weapons cannot be category-changed but the Klauz weapons can so you can probably create more Agile Gunslashes/Gunblades and change them later to save up on upgrading costs for the future outside of the category change resources but they are definitely a noticeable step up for power so you shouldn't be at any lack of it if you happened to run Ultra Hard content.

Is there anything to do with Mechalites? I don't think I've seen one but Hans gives them out for CO rewards.

What S augments should I affix for soaring blades on etiole?

Also with the new solo sodam I'm wondering how hard a dps check it would be. Cause I have one affixed gunblade for my luster and use the Riva armor we got out of a campaign. Hasn't been affixed at all.

@Knight-Raime said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

Also with the new solo sodam I'm wondering how hard a dps check it would be. Cause I have one affixed gunblade for my luster and use the Riva armor we got out of a campaign. Hasn't been affixed at all.

From what I've heard: Depth 1 has 66m hp. Depth 100 has 250m hp. You have 15 minutes (minus cutscenes) to clear it.

It's... hard. Depth 100 is about as hard (maybe harder?) than divide quest sodam - so if you've done that before, you can use that as a decent reference

What S augments should I affix for soaring blades on etiole?

Not an Et player (this means don't take me seriously), but again from what I've heard:

S1: Augment Will 2 | S2: Precision Will 2 | S3: Precision Will 2 | S4: Escalating Pursuit | S5: Lightning Pursuit - for crits (et's base (55%) + critical strike ring (20%) = 75% crit rate - this is likely only viable if you have S6: Skillful Adept (15%) or S7: Rainbow Adept and replace S1 with petalgleam (30%))

S1: Petalgleam | S2: Rainbow Will | S3: Petalsea Song 2 | S4: Escalating Pursuit | S5: Lightning Pursuit - general

or, if you don't have infinite meseta: S1-3 the best damage SSAs you can reasonably obtain (petalgleam, perfectchain will, precision will, etc... there's a lot of them, so I suggest checking a wiki). S4: Escalating Pursuit (600 RWB5), S5: Lightning Pursuit (Rivalate and Klauz soaring blade SAF).

have you ever seen someone come back from being 816'ed? i got falsely 816'ed and im so worried.



Would you happen to have an idea for affixing for hero and Phantom?

I am thinking of affixing the sword first for hero and then TMG's if I can afford it. Talis I think i'm just going to grab a +35 millionare weapon or something. Unless you have a better idea for talis? I don't use talis much so outside maybe some S grades I don't think i'll affix it.

And Phantom I only use rifle.


I'm not particularly into affixing so I cant give much advice while being confident in it's quality, so I'll just share some basic information I know.

  • As you play phantom, you are going to want to try to get 200 pp (other classes like this as well, but ph is the only one that gets a damage modifier from it afaik).

  • While affixing hp and defense specifically is maybe not the best idea, many other affixes can give them on the side in meaningful amounts.

  • You probably want to make your units all-attack just for convenience.

  • You probably want to affix Phrase Decay on every weapon (even non-jellen classes, because MPAs are unlikely to not have someone inflicting jellen).

  • SAFs can be used as a cheap way of getting decent affixes at 100% chance (if you aren't upslotting): I suggest looking at a wiki for unit/weapon lists to check out your options (there's a lot of weapons so I'll list some good ones I know of: dim weapons give attack 6, union (and ray?) weapons give astral soul, basilisk weapons give phrase decay).

  • Use malulleybovo's PSO2 Affixing Assistant to help plan affixes. You can see all affixes, their stats, and how to affix them here. Basically, do your research first (market prices, if they can even transfer, etc).

  • Augment transfer passes most notable use is making god units, so if you want to do that at some point you should avoid using them.

If you need anything more in depth or specific than that, you will probably have to ask someone else (again, I'm not really confident that I can give more direct advice with good quality).


I appreciate it regardless. Perhaps I should've just asked what S grades to go for. I know the rainbow setup is decent for anyone who's not weapon swapping afaik. But if your class can reach a specific crit rate that you should take a different setup.

How do we actually unlock etoile and hero?

My main is at lvl 80 and lvl 65 main and subclasses. Apparently I already did the quest to unlock them but It wont let me change to Hero despite having the required title as well


For any of the Scion classes, you need to have 2 different classes at Lv 75, grab the title "To the New Frontier", then go to Cofy in the main lobby and accept her Client Orders. After that you just need to talk to her again and you'll have the Scion classes unlocked.

@Meikoloid Still weird that I actually have that title early. Coming back from a year long break since there was next to nothing to do 6 months after NA launch. Then they decided to pack in everything all at once when I was gone fashion wise.

Is the HEV suit going to be in New Genesis? they said early on that everything was getting ported over and the current survey is asking what we want to vote to be remade to actually be put into NGS,