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@AndrlCh I had been hoarding EX cubes one of Zig's weapons and upgrades but honestly I'm not even sure if/when I'll ever even bother with them. Been making do just fine using the Millionaire/Croesus weapons fro the Collection Folders. They're not quite as powerful, but for most of what I engage in they've been sufficient. And from what I'm seeing and hearing trying to get even one of each weapon type from the top tier category (I believe right now it's the "Lightweave Klauz" series) is either entirely impossible or so grind intensive it could take months or even years and frankly I have no desire to commit to that grind whatsoever. Which means I'd have to pick just one, maybe two, weapons to make with what materials I already have and I am way too indecisive for such a narrow set of options. So I'll probably end up spending a ton of my EX Cubes on EXP Weapons or maxing out all the Techs and PAs.

I have a tip for my fellow ARKS, if you find yourself having items leftover after filling one or more of franca's orders don't sell them, put them in storage instead so you can get a head start or possibly complete the matching order immediately when it can be reaccepted

Do we have access to "S2:Flowing Grace" and "S3:Flowing Grace" or whatever it is called in NA?

@Yui2387 They are called Timeflow Grace on the Global server, and yes, they are available. You can heck the Global ARKS-Visiphone's S-Grade Augment page for the locations of where they can drop from (either pre-affixed or as a capsule).

Hello, I am back with 2 questions and I am loving the game so far.

  1. I lost my Auxillary Unit for my quarters. Not in my inventory or storage. Is there a way to get another one?
  2. I am level 75 now and want to do adv. quests but I am not sure where to get the capsules from. Is Adv/ quests the best way to level 75 - 95?

Thanks again for answering!!

@RedMoko if you are referring to the auxiliary console you can get it from the furniture shop and the capsules for advanced quests are in the item shop

@RedMoko You can get your initial capsules from an ARKS Mission; there is one that should give you a box of 10 A, B, C, D, E, and F capsules (I'm not sure what the conditions for getting this Mission are, but should be able to get to it just by completing the ones that you have). From there, you typically get Capsules from running the Advanced Quests with each Quest giving you capsules based on the one needed to enter it (ie. If the AQ requires A capsules, it will drop B capsules, one that needs C will drop A, etc.); also keep in mind that A, B, and C Capsules are only for Very Hard AQs, and D, E, and F Capsules are only for Super Hard AQs.

That said, AQs actually aren't that great for leveling past lv75, rather Tokyo Bonus Quests are; with a high EXP multiplier, you get a ton of EXP from them in a short amount of time, even outside of PSO2 Day. Outside of those, your best bet is the daily rotation of Leveling Quests (ie. the fourth Recommended Quest), especially if you can get a party of 4 since that will net you a multiplicative 40% EXP boost.

@AndrlCh Thanks. Do you know if "S3: Strikeflow Descent": "Reduces PP consumption by 1% for every 300,000 damage dealt. Maxes at 15%." is map based or does it have an internal timer? It sounds good enough for boss fights, but that may not be the case if it resets constantly, so I need to know how long it lasts.

@Yui2387 As far as I can find, it doesn't seem to reset until you return to the Gateway Ship.

@AndrlCh I see. Thanks for the help.

Does anyone know what happens to a S5 weapon specific SSA when changing weapon type? My Rivalate wand has a S5 ability that only affects wands, so how do I get the S5 SSA for bows if I wanna play bow?

@Yui2387 In your scenario, assuming that that is your only Rivalate available, your only option would be to completely reaffix the weapon after changing it over to Bow to get the desired S5 (though you would probably want to anyway since the non-S-grade affixes used for Wand are typically MEL/TEC, while a Bow would need RNG).

If you have the resources, you also have the option of creating a Rivalate (or Klaus) exclusively for the sake of creating and transferring different S5s.

Is divine order only available on weapons?

Trying to figure out affixing: If I grab 4 Novel Wands from the RWB5 shop and use them on a +35 Novel Wand also from the shop, will I be able to upslot with the Augment Factor and retain/upgrade the affixes already on the Wand? If I then upgrade the +35 Novel to Rivalate can I use this process to create fodder to upslot again to add the Rivalate S5? Is 4 too many or just right, I'm clueless here. I can upslot with lvl1 augs and factor but am unsure about keeping all the augs already in place with higher levels. I have 2k+ RWB5s,I just don't want to dump them on extra wands for them to only be useful for desynth.

@Kodiakmax-101 If we are talking about the stock augments that come with the RWB5 Novel Wand, then the max number of copies you would want for the affxing is 3, since anything over that will not increase the success as they are all the same. From there, you will still have a high chance of failure with the upslotting since not all of those affixes are 100%; even with the same-item bonus, the individual success rates would be:

  • Sentence Triple (SAF): 63%
  • Casting IV: 50%
  • Spirit III: 63%
  • Mastery III: 31%
  • Vinculum: 31%
  • Alles Di Soul: 25%

@Yui2387 Yes, Divine Order is a weapon-only augment.

@AndrlCh Thanks, do you already know wheather divide steps 31-35 drop crack v on units or is it weapons only?