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@zaffy2005 Affixing augments is more like a mental illness. People spend tons of resources to additional + 5 damage, although it could have been done about the same cool but a little weaker, but no, they spend them 🙂

@zaffy2005 I'd definitely recommend the Glare series and the Ex Soul series for UH content as the extra DEF is nice. Both transfer at 50% with 2 copies so making them during a boost week is pretty easy. Exceed Energy and Divine Will/Divine Order are strong but can only be transferred with their corresponding receptors which have only been given out as rewards for scratching a ton on the AC Support Scratch. You can find some on the Player Shop but they're likely to be quite expensive. However, I hear that some min-maxers buy a weapon that naturally dropped with Exceed and Divine and then use 100 Augment Transfer Passes to move those 2 to their 8-slot Klauz weapon while adding a Grand capsule (other 5 slots are S-grade augments).

Reveries, Factors, and Falz Souls are still worth keeping if you want to attempt Guardian Soul or sell to those who are. I downloaded this useful image to my phone from a user named LamiaPony on Reddit awhile back and he recently updated it. Helped me learn what affixes to look out for in the wild.

where can I get element boosters?

@Rang-Dipkin So if I'm reading that image right, if I wanted, for example, to make the "Photoner Glare" augment I would need to use at least four fodder items with each one having one of those four Glare augments (no duplicates, need one of each)? And to synthesize the "Guardian Soul" augment I would need to start with all of the augments on the outer edges and synthesize over and over and over and over again working towards the middle?

Fark it, I'm just going to wait for anything with 100+ relevant PWR and decent side stats and just use augment transfer passes. Already have a few that dropped with +120. Maybe time to bust out the Augmentalist to get some upslotting fodder for if/when the next free augment day comes around. Near as I can tell it seems like augments aren't really all that important, they're just "convenient" in an ironic sense (convenient to have, absolutely not convenient to make).

@zaffy2005 This post got super long so I wanted to put this at the top: there's a free augment week (plus a 20% success rate boost) coming up from 3/31 to 4/13 and you can read about it at the bottom of this announcement.

Returning to your post, you were correct in your reading of the image. Guardian Soul requires 1 copy each of Astral Soul + Aether Factor + Mana Reverie + Absolute Glare and even then you only have a base success rate of 10% to create Guardian Soul. You can increase this percentage with Augmentation Aid items and a few other tricks (boost week, same item bonus, having Augment Guidance on your base gear, etc.), but for the super affixes there will pretty much always be a gamble. This is why folks make these augments on 4-slot gear so they can use 4-slot insurance items that can be purchased in the AC swap shop (big reason why AC Recycle Badges shot up in price/stayed high after the limited AC swap shop ended).

As you mentioned, each of the affixes to make Guardian Soul requires the augments on the outer rings of that image. For example, Photoner Glare requires 1 copy each of Mitra Glare + Varuna Glare + Shiva Glare + Origin Glare and then you need to combine Photoner Glare with 4 copies of Glare Catalyst to have a chance at making Absolute Glare. But the thing is, you only have a 10% base chance of making Phontoner Glare using those 4 augments and the same is true of making Glare Catalyst. Thankfully, once you have Photoner Glare + 4x Glare Catalyst you'll have a 60% chance of making Absolute Glare which you can easily bump to 100% with a 40% Augmentation Aid item from the Ex-cube shop.

However, I should note that this process is a lot easier for weapons as you can get many useful components via "Augment Factors" (the augments that you can transfer with 100% success once a weapon is enhanced to +35). Off hand, I know Astral Soul, Reverie Catalyst, and Factor Catalyst exist as Augment Factors and Omega Memoria can drop in the wild. So that means you just need to make your own copies of Aether Soul (not too hard/expensive), Glare Catalyst, and Photoner Glare.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you have a ton of Mission Pass Badges, you can exchange those for capsules that give you Astral Soul, Mana Reverie, and Aether Factor. So if you're really confident you're done with affixing, you could find units with augments you think are strong and then use Augment Transfer Passes to move those to other units while adding affixes via capsules. How might this work?

Let's say you've been saving mission badges since the game's inception and can afford copies of all 3 capsules. And let's also say you're targeting the Klauz set for your endgame units and want them at 8-slots. Then your steps would be:

  1. Transfer an S-Grade Augment to your Klauz unit (even a placeholder from the Badge shops will do)
  2. Wait for boost week and upslot your Klauz units to 8-slots using a 45% Augmentation Aid item to get to 7-slots and a 50% AA item to get to 8-slots.
  3. During boost week create a 3-slot unit with augments you like or find a unit in your inventory (probably from rainbow keys) with 3 augments you like.
  4. Use 5 Augment Transfer Passes to move those 3 augments to a 4-slot fodder unit while adding Astral Soul via the capsule
  5. Use 15 Augment Transfer Passes to move those 4 augments to a 5-slot fodder unit while adding Aether Factor via the capsule
  6. Use 25 Augment Transfer Passes to move those 5 augments to a 6-slot fodder unit while adding Mana Reverie via the capsule
  7. Use 100 Augment Transfer Passes to move those 6 augments to your 8-slot Klauz unit (with SGA already on it) and add a Grand or Graceful Stat capsule. Now you'll have an 8-slot Klauz unit with your 3 original augments, Astral Soul, Aether Factor, Mana Reverie, and Grand/Graceful Stat.

If you're low on Mission Badges you can adjust this process either by making more of your own affixes from scratch/finding a unit that has more affixes you'd be happy to take. And if you're low on Augment Transfer Passes you can just make a lower slot unit.

@Rang-Dipkin Yea, that sounds like a lot of convoluted work and a lot of playing the odds. You ever hear the phrase "if it weren't for bad luck, there'd be no luck at all?" Yea, that's me. I could have 99% odds on every slot and lose every single one of them. In fact, it's happened. 5 times in the same week. So I'm a bit gun-shy when it comes to high-risk augmenting. Probably better off just hoping for decent drops and transferring.

@TURION-MOONSTAR said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

where can I get element boosters?

Like to increase the elemental percentage of your weapon?

You can get +2% ones from the Excube Exchange for 300 Excubes each.

You can also increase your elemental percentage when enhancing without any boosters. There are three scenarios:

  1. If your fodder is of the same weapon type and rarity (doesn't matter what element), it will increase the elemental percentage by 1% (example: 15% Light Nox Kvelle + 30% Fire Sigma Zeredder = 16% Light Nox Kvelle)
  2. If your fodder is a duplicate of your weapon with a different element, it will increase the elemental percentage by 10% (example: 15% Light Nox Kvelle + 20% Fire Nox Kvelle = 25% Light Nox Kvelle)
  3. If your fodder is a duplicate of your weapon with the same element, it will increase the elemental percentage by the elemental percentage on the duplicate (example: 15% Light Nox Kvelle + 20% Light Nox Kvelle = 35% Light Nox Kvelle)

Also remember, 1* to 12* weapons can't go above 50%, and 13* to 15* weapons can't go above 60%.

@AndrlCh I need element boosters in order to carry out the client order boost the elemental level on your favorite gear, if you have any extra will you sell it to me for 5k meseta?

@TURION-MOONSTAR The CO from Jan? All you need to do for that CO is to get two identical weapons from the Weapon Vendor NPC (make sure they have an element on them) and grind one with the other; that will raise the element and complete the CO.

Ok, can't believe I keep forgetting to ask about this: what does one do with "scrap" 13-star units? 7- to 12-star units can be dismantled,10- to 12-star units can be exchanged in the Swap Shop. But I'm not finding anything for 13-star units at all. Is there something I've missed?

@AndrlCh I'm helping a friend who just started playing this past Thursday and I don't remember who to talk to about getting a mag license after listening to cofy's explanation because I got my mag last April

@TURION-MOONSTAR After listening to her explanation, the Mag should then be on the character; it just needs to be equipped.

@zaffy2005 It's nothing you've missed, they just haven't added the 13*Unit Swap Shop option that is on the JP server to the Global server.

@AndrlCh thank you, I will tell my friend

@AndrlCh So for the time being they just take up space or serve as augment fodder? What are they exchanged for in the JP version? Just wondering if they're worth saving (i.e. if they can be exchanged for something more than just EX-cubes or Photon Boosters that I already have several thousand of).

@zaffy2005 Each 13* Unit will get you 5 Excubes (or as I like to think of it, 60k meseta as I tend to just turn my excess Excubes into Grinders, then NPC vendor them).