Ask a veteran ARKS!

@Knight-Raime If it is going to be your main class, then you could use your Kronos stones to make an Atlas Rifle and Katana, and prep a Lumiere Rifle and Katana to then upgrade them into Atlas EXs, otherwise you can likely just hold on until we get a definite release date for Episode 6 since we will likely have a bit of time to create the end-of-episode weapons, plus we should be getting more options for 14☆s and 15☆s once Episode 6 does release.

@AndrlCh nah this is for one of my two non mains. She's currently a braver and I've been using a gix katana.

@Knight-Raime In that case, you could likely just make do with whatever 13☆s for now (Nemesis, Raven, Gix, Invade, Dia, etc.), and then get the 14☆ Dim series once they are released in Episode 6 until you can get some extra 15☆ weapons later on.

Is there a cap on PP cost reduction?

@MiyenHalo No, but the way that PP reductions stack is not simply adding on to each other, so there is no way to have a 100% reduction.

For example, a 10% reduction with a 7% reduction wouldn't be 17% reduction, rather it would be a 16.3% reduction (1 - [0.9 x 0.93]); by that same token, two 50% reductions would end up as a 75% reduction rather than 100%.

@AndrlCh Thanks for the info. I looked around a bit for the formula but didn't see it.

Ok, couple quick questions. Firstly, where might I acquire the Dual Bird TMGs outside of the Personal Shops? And secondly is there any path for trading Synthesizers up to Lambda Grinders? Or for anything else useful for that matter since for the life of me I still haven't figured out what these things are used for other than trading to the pet shop lady for pancakes.

@zaffy2005 A quick answer. So I'm not very confident about the accuracy, but if I was wrong, I know I can count on someone correct me 😃

According to NA Arks Visiphone, it drops from Crimson Fellwyrm XH+ ( JP Swiki shows it drops from Black Fellwyrm too (デュアルバード). If you want to be sure, you can check the quest log of these UQs.

Also JP Swiki mentions about Dual Bird dropping from Snow Banser/Banshee of level 81+ (but it seems that possibly it doesn't have enough reports to take the drop as a confirmed one). These level of Snows won't appear in regular quests. Some limited quests or seasonal UQs might have over 80 level of these enemies, if such quests come to the global, you can have a look at.

Synthesizers were mainly intended to work for the so called old type weapons. As we only have the new type weapons, their only use is to exchange them for pancakes at the pet lab.

Are the "lesser" augments like Lesser Might 1 useful in any affixing recipes going forward?

On the surface it seems suspicious that they'd introduce a weaker aug in Ep 5 if it had no alternative purpose so I've been holding onto a few. But I haven't found much info online so I'm leaning more towards deletion atm.

@Rang-Dipkin Creating Lesser Vs (Lesser I->Lesser II->Lesser III->LesserIV->Lesser V) allows you to then create EV augments (one Lesser PWR V and one Lesser HP or PP V with a 50% rate); there are two types of EV augments for each of the PWR stats, EV HP and EV PP, with EV HP giving 35 PWR and 60 HP, and EV PP giving 35 PWR and 4 PP. You can also keep the Lesser HP/PP Vs along with the EV.

Additonally, Lesser augments can coexist along with their standard versions, so you can have both Might VI and Lesser Might V on the same item.

@AndrlCh oh wow, thanks for the great info!!

One follow-up question, do you know if the higher Lesser augments (2, 3, etc.) drop frequently in later content? Or are they more like Doom Break and Veteran's Resolve where you'll often have to make your own starting with the 1s?

Oh, and there's nothing like an inverse of the affix assistant on to the web, is there? Like instead of picking your final augment and then seeing all the combinations of how to make it, you pick a basic augment and see all the stuff it can be used to make?

@Rang-Dipkin From what I can find, Lessers will only drop as Lesser I and you have to create the higher ones yourself.

As far as I know, there isn't anything like that aside from doing the standard trial and error on the arks-layer hosted affix assitant, but I'll take a look around (there may be some chart somewhere).

@AndrlCh Thanks!! That's super helpful 😄

@Fiona-Respha Ok, thanks for the info. Don't really have any of my characters leveled up high enough for XH just yet, since I've been focusing more on hitting all those stat boost titles rather than focusing on grinding any one class. Highest is at 77, think have to be 80 to do XH, hopefully I can get there before the Urgent Quest is retired completely. Otherwise got a LOT of saving up to do. Think the cheapest I saw on Ship 2 was like 55mil.