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@OafishTooth3027 On the Global server, Zig/Jig/Zeig doesn't have the First-Gen 14* weapons in an exchange like he does on the JP server. Right now your only way to get that weapon is as a drop ( I can't recall at the moment where it drops).

Is there a way to re-map the buttons for the sword in the Dragon UQ? I play on controller and would like to move the sword charge from Y to Right Bumper.

@Rang-Dipkin Unfortunately, there is not.

Anyone know if the Buster Quest Campaign has any caveats? Like, does it work for all three modes, or just the "ranked" modes?

@zaffy2005 Looking at the campaign, it doesn't seem to indicate if it must be Ranked or Free, just that you have to finish with a B or higher.

Im trying force tech but ive run into a problem im on marlu client orders did a bunch now im one telling me to use a wand. however even though i have the stats to use one and Tech is my subclass plate won't let me add one. How do i fix this

@OafishTooth3027 You must be using Techter as your main class, not subclass, to use a Wand, unless you find a Force-equipable or all-class Wand.

@zaffy2005 said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

@Ekajata Ok, let me make one thing perfectly clear here: you CANNOT buy Rising Weapon Badges for real money, with the negligible exception of the rare times in which they are available in the Fresh Finds shop which literally NOBODY considers to be a reliable source of, well, anything.

I don't know where you get off griping and whining about "pay to win" regarding a FREE game in which a FREE currency is used to purchase gear that is available to ALL players. I had nearly 2,000 Rising Badge 2s and I did not pay a single PENNY to get them. Nothing. Zilch. Zippo. Nadda. Goose egg. Bupkiss. NOTHING! And these are exchanged for the Ray series weapons, which were THE most powerful weapons at the time AND as I recall were the FIRST to offer the option to upgrade to even more powerful forms. NO PART OF WHICH cost ANY money.

I don't know where the heck you're getting your info from but you are WAY off base here. PSO2 is a FREE game. I've been playing since the open beta on Xbox and I have NEVER found myself EVER actually NEEDING to spend ANY money on this game. I dropped $60 on the Sonic Collab Bundle out of nostalgia for one of my old favorite comic book series and because the storage/inventory expansion items it offered would be more expensive to buy on their own, and so far they are the ONLY thing I've seen any reason to spend money. I have 12-star units and 13-star weapons on all 3 of my characters, I have all classes but Fighter and now Hero to level 75 or higher, and I have several million meseta stockpiled and I cannot stress this enough I achieved ALL of that WITHOUT ANY MONEY SPENT! All that bundle I bought did for me was make it slightly more efficient as I didn't have to stop after every single mission and sell/infuse/otherwise dispose of my entire inventory every single time. I'd still be where I am now without it.

You keep stressing that you are a NEW player and therefore don't know all there is to know. Stop hiding behind that as an excuse to snap at people trying to explain what you don't understand to you.

You DO NOT have to spend ANY money to get the most out of this game and nothing, I repeat, NOTHING that you can buy will give you any sort of advantage over other players. The absolute closest you can get to making such an argument that would be even remotely legitimate is if you were to dump a hundred bucks a month or more on maintaining a premium set and buying a crapload of AC scratch tickets just to turn around and sell all your "winnings" in the Personal Shops, undercutting everyone else by at least 40% so your stuff will sell faster, and then using that Meseta to buy the high-level weapons some other player got (FOR FREE!!) and invested THEIR time and grind into leveling to that point, which they are now selling because they have something even STRONGER in their loadout.

I hate to keep hammering this point but you need to get it through your head: you DO NOT need to spend ANY money on this game, and even if you DO spend money it WILL NOT give you any significant edge over the players who don't spend a single penny.

You're obsessing over wanting a currency item used to purchase weapons from a set that is already obsolete, as the focus is now on 14-star weapons and, most likely, by December they, too, will become obsolete in favor of 15-star gear because that's where the JP game is at now and Sega has already announced their intention of bringing the NA version up to par with JP by the end of 2020.

So you are complaining about an outdated currency which you CAN still get by trading the CURRENT currency which CAN be obtained FOR FREE through gameplay, used to purchase outdated gear you will have to abandon in favor of stronger gear in the immediate to near future, and the crux of your complaint is a completely inaccurate misunderstanding of how the game functions.

For the umpteenth time you DO NOT need to spend ANY money to obtain ANYTHING of actual consequence in the game. NOTHING that has any real impact on the game experience costs money.

Flat out your point is invalid and you're coming off like a whiny, entitled, brat of a child who expects to have everything handed to you with zero effort on your part.

Play the game, do the grind, and you can trade the RWB4s for the RWB2s you're so obsessed with. AND GUESS WHAT! When the NEXT episode drops and the loot tables switch over to awarding RWB5s, you will STILL be able to trade THOSE for RWB2s!

What the actual f* do you have to complain about here!?

Sorry for the 'tude but this is just mind-boggling. You are complaining about nothing. Literally nothing. And snapping at easily THE single most helpful player of this game, who is CONSTANTLY taking the time to help out and answer questions and concerns that, unlike yours, are actually legitimate.

We got em Ladies and gentlemen. Mission accomplished.

@OafishTooth3027 I believe it's called Nox Kuklos, one of the Rising Weapon 1 Badge weapons, and should be fairly cheap on the market, too. It's a wand Force main-class can use.

@zaffy2005 said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

@OafishTooth3027 I believe it's called Nox Kuklos, one of the Rising Weapon 1 Badge weapons, and should be fairly cheap on the market, too. It's a wand Force main-class can use.

i can use the 4 badges to convert to 3 2 then 1 right

@OafishTooth3027 If you can't trade them directly for 1s, yea, you should be able to trade down the line. But I'm pretty sure you can trade 4s directly for 1s.

anyone know what type mag makes the ship looking mag its the one i see on characters like alfin.

ie I mean do I need a mel dex or rRg mag

@OafishTooth3027 I'm going to guess you are talking about the RNG one, Cepheus. I believe that you can also get a form change device to turn any lv100+ Mag into it, visually, from the Challenge Mile exchange.

@AndrlCh ![alt text](mag 001.jpg image url) this thing sorry bought quality its cell pho ne photo