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@ekwah76 Did you complete and collect the reward for the ARKS Mission associated with that Client Order, or is it still showing as incomplete?

Thanks for responding. I didn't realize there was an ARKS Mission associated with it.

It seemed from what she said that I just had to feed my mag and then talk with her again, but I'll check my ARKS Missions when I get home from work and see if there is an outstanding one that's related to it.

The client order isn't bugged after all. I just had no idea that some things need to be turned in via the ARKS Missions menu within the main menu. XD

Thanks so much for pointing me in the right direction, @AndrlCh!

@zaffy2005 Hey actually you CAN refer a current player. I just did this last night. I've been playing since April and was able to use my friends' Player ID (different from their player ID name) as the referer, so I'm sitting with some blue badges. I've been on xbox and he just created an account on PC so I'm assuming they hit the trigger or 'switch' for referral when PC was released.

The referral window only comes up when creating a new character, though, so if you're full up, it might not be worth recreating one just for the referee bonus.

@Stretcharach I mean, I have been considering restarting/remaking one of my characters once I finish grinding their current class for the bonus, just to keep leveling them up to the point where we get the Mag Raising Kit, dump it into storage and start again to stockpile food devices for when I finally get around to replacing the mags I screwed up.

@zaffy2005 Well this should be a good opportunity then. In case you haven't found it (I had to log into one of my other characters like 3 times to look and check my friend's info), the Player ID can be found on their ARKS ID card under "Player ID Name". It's like an 8 digit number.

@Stretcharach Do I just plug anyone's ID in there?

can someone tell me what i can do with these photon booster i get from the advance quest missions? got 2 stacks now and i dont know what i can do with them...

@Shayuna Eventually, you can use them to get Ultimate Boosters which are needed for some potential unlocks on some 14* Weapons, as well as for trades for some 15* Weapons.

For now, you can trade them in for the 11* Weapons in the shop and turn those into Excubes.

@AndrlCh which shops ?

@Shayuna The Photon Sphere Exchange Shop. In the Shopping Plaza. Up the stairs opposite the Salon.

@zaffy2005 I mean, you could. I get off work in 7 hours but when I get online I'll check here and give you my player ID if you like.

@Shayuna As AndrlCh mentioned there is a shop (four, actually) on the mid level of the shopping plaza. Facing the Casino entrance you'll want to take the left staircase. The Photon shop is the vendor on the far end. The other shops are for EX Cubes, Badges (Rising, Unique Weapon, Etc.) and the various forms of Astracite (between you and me I can't stand that shopkeeper's English voice).

The first option in the Photon shop lets you trade Photon Drops for Photon Crystals, Crystals for Spheres, and Spheres for Boosters (if you ever happen to need more). There are also items for sale under that tab that can be purchased with Photon Spheres. The second option is the Photon Booster shop which sells a selection of weapons as well as a fairly large selection of multi-weapon Camos (I've made a thread in the Screenshots board offering previews of these Camos on the various weapons they can be used for).

There are also some weapons that require Photon Boosters to unlock their "Potentials" at levels 10, 20, and 30. But as AndrlCh also mentioned if you find yourself completely flooded with Boosters and just need to burn through them quickly you can just buy the weapons offered in the Booster shop and convert them into EX-Cubes or use them for enhancement/augmentation fodder.

@Stretcharach Yea, that's cool. Would probably be a while before I actually got around to doing it as I want to at least max out her current main class to not completely waste all that progress, but she hasn't even hit 50 yet so it's going to be a while.

How do I preview what an items/weapon outfit looks like that are in my inventory or on player shops please?

On pc btw

@Blackichan08 I play on xbox so I'm not sure if this is the same. When I hover over the item I want to preview, i increase the quanitty to 'buy' by 1(without actually buying at this time). This, for me, usually makes it actually appear on the preview model shown on the right.

This might be only applied to like NPC shops or scratch-its so I'm not super confident, but worth a shot.

I'm 6 under the dex to equip a new unit are some not designed to be used by all classes ? I'm already 75 mag is single stat 200