Ask a veteran ARKS!

@AndrlCh Thank you so much! That’s the information I have been desperately trying to find in YouTube guides for a few days now.

Much much much appreciated!! πŸ˜„

@Noctosis There's a few 12*~13* units that have sets, but really only a few.

Most 12*~13* units have high raw stats instead of forming sets.

it is possible to change ur account? i want start with my main account not my second... changed my account on microsoft store but in game it doesnt changed... or i must deinstall the game first ? i hope not <.< i dont want play with this...

@Shayuna Isn't there something like this on the title screen? 31-05-2020_23-53-33-egazbihl.jpg

I'm playing on the Xbox version, so not sure about the PC version. But I think there's something similar.

Okay, so I remember there being devices to switch a Mag's Auto Attack, but I can't remember where/how you get those devices ^^; I'm still not used to where some of the things have been moved around...

But yes, so where do you get the devices to change your Mag's Auto-attack? (Also suggestions on what would be a good one? Mine has Barbarous Boogie right now).

@Princesse-Jen ExCube Shop.

How do I drop party beacons?

@Blackichan08 It is done from the Quick Menu ("Back" on Controller or "End" on Keyboard), though you may have to change the Layout first.

@AndrlCh ahh perfect I see it now when i hit my mouse key thank you Veteran Ark and I can drop these anywhere correct say I'm going to do an urgent quest i can drop it in the gate room ? or in a multi party area.

Thanks for the help πŸ˜›

@Blackichan08 I don't think you can drop it in the gate area, but I know you can drop it in the teleport area for the Urgent quest, as well as on the field on normal quests.

Question: What is the best thing to do with all the rare drops that ive been getting for the classes I donot play, including the "special ? weapons". So far I have been vending them for meseta. I havent been appraising the "? weapons" and they only sell for 10meseta with out appraisal. Currently I am dropping all 9* weapons.

Just wondering if that is the right thing to do or I am missing any tips like the 10* excubes. sorry if it has been asked many times, i looked everywhere but couldn't find any answer.

Thanks in advance.

I need one creator's emblem,how do I get those?

@Morgothryuzaki You get them as title rewards for clearing all Episode 1 and 2 Story Quests (one for each).

@AndrlCh damn..guess i'll have to go through it all 😞

I really want a scythe looking camo or weapon for my partizan.. Since I have no idea where the soul scythes are..

Arks Badges, blue and pink. Anyone know where we can get these? Also, is there any other way to get Rainbow Astracite other than Falz Arms? I SHOULD already have more than enough to get the Psycho Wand at this point, since I HAD 44 in storage and got 10 more the last time I ran that UQ for a total of 54 but when I pulled them out of storage and went to the country to buy it....somehow I only had 49.

Ill be honest, I nearly put my controller through the TV.