Ask a veteran ARKS!

Is it possible to change shop search settings from exact to something along the lines of a close match? Is the only way to expand my room to the left and right is Remodel Room (L) and can they be bought in player shops?


Exact match is the only way. Still, we can use sub-strings. Also spaces or symbols are ignored. So for example, to search the item name "Teoremard Lad: Ruby [Ba]", "ladrubyb" is enough.

The basic ways to expand the right and left room are the use of Room Remodeling (L) or Room Remodeling (S), but we can also use room themes to expand them (scenery passes won't work for this expansion). If room themes are used, the expanded room will be a small version. Probably, most people will use Remodeling (L) here, but there are other options.

Room Remodeling (L) and (S) can be bought/sold in player shops, and also available with 1,500 FUN at FUNporium. Please note that through use of shops, the following holds.

(10-star rarity weapon x4) = (EX-Cubes x4) = (2,000 FUN) = (Room Remodeling (L) + 500 FUN)

Depending on the price on the market, buying the cheapest remodeling ticket in player shops, might not be the cheapest answer.

@Fiona-Respha Thanks for all that info but I don't understand the info of searching. Is that a piece clothing you mentioned?

@Love-Lucky-777 Yes! It doesn't have any special meaning, I just wanted to search a clothing name with a colon symbol, and that was the first one to hit the search 🙂

@Fiona-Respha so i could search RoomRemodelingL and that would be good enough hmmm thanks 😊

I've gone and confused myself over the max-level title bonuses. When you say the stat boosts are linked to titles does that mean they have to "equip" the title (through the "Titles/ARKS ID" option on the main menu) and only get that title's boost, or is it an accumulative boost with every new title instantly adding the respective stat boosts across all characters as soon as you acquire the title from the front desk?

Is that even how titles work, that each individual character can equip one or is it account-wide?

And on a less gameplay-related note, am I unusually tall or are a lot of characters (particularly females) just absurdly short? I mean, I know Io is a shortstack, and the "info twins" are tiny, but I can't think of any female NPCs I don't tower over, and even a few of the male NPCs (mostly Newmans like Afin). The Hunter tutor Orzo (Ozo? Ozro? Too many names) seems like he might be an inch taller, Pietro maybe an inch shorter, Gettemnhult might be taller, everyone else seems barely chest height, many barely above the waist. I was aiming for an approximation of about 6ft (about 1.83m) but it feels like either I'm closer to 7 or 8ft tall or a lot of the women are between 3 and 4ft tall.

You don't have to equip the title to get the benefit. You don't even have to be using the character who earned it! (I'm pretty sure you have to be on the same ship though.)

Also, yes, the NPCs are very short. Several of them are shorter than we're allowed to make on the .us servers, but that's a discussion for another thread.

Doesn't have to be same Ship since Titles are account-bound. The only prerequisite is actually collecting the Title from the Title Counter (ie. It isn't just active by hitting lv75, you must first go to the Title Counter as the character who hit lv75).

Also, you can check your height in the Salon, as it is listed in the top right corner in centimeters.

@AndrlCh Actually, I can't check my height. I'm one of the many who can't see a significant portion of the border on all sides. Like where (I assume) it's supposed to show the enemy's name and what elements it's weak to, all I see is "ak to:" Everything above and to the left is cut off. On the right side I hear there's supposed to be letter and number map coordinates. I can see about 3/4 of the first letter, everything else is cut off. Any my TV doesn't have a scan or aspect ratio setting anywhere in the menu so there's no way for me to fix it short of buying another TV. But nice to know I could get that info if/when there's finally a fix for the screen fit issue.

First of all, real bummer that apparently there's no item or refresh to reset the charas race ince they're already created. Ever since the 2nd Tier Season, it sucks when I'm reminded the fact that because my chara is a Female CAST, I'm unable to equip her outfits like Echo's Ep 1 outfit compared to those such as that Sudsy one. Sucks, but it is what it is.

So anyway, few questions.

First, maxed 6 out of 9 classes, and at the beginning of the 2nd Tier season I was given a reset ticket, resets all classes. Say if it happens again, would you recommend I can just focus on passives and stat boosts on classes that I will no longer use after already maxing them? Like Techter and Braver. Already maxed them, is it ok to just spend it on stat boosts?

My next Question is in addition to my small peeve to the unfortunate chara issue. Can I resolve the issue by just creating another character? I thought I saw someone said that maxed classes on one chara can carry stats to another chara, and assuming as long they on the same ship, then its ok. If it's true can I also get like a link or list of the benefits of creating a new chara with the stats of a chara who already maxed 6 of 9 classes?

@YaBoiMolo Barring some specific builds where you benefit more from Stat Boosts over multipliers (like Fi for Su/Fi), if you are actaully planning on using the classes, Stat Boosts are just not worth their SP cost. If you don't plan to use them again, you can just leave the SP untouched as they have no effect on anything else.

Every new character starts with all classes at lv1; what gets applied to all characters are the permanent stat boosts you get from the lv75 titles. This is what you get for each class's lv75 title:

alt text

So this means that if you hit lv75 Hunter on one character and collect the title for doing so, all of your characters (no matter when they were created) will get an extra 50HP, 15 RNG-Pwr, and 40 MEL-Def added to their base stats.

@YaBoiMolo Just to be sure, "stats" won't carry over to another character. Your second character starts from level 1. They just share the level 75 title bonuses of your first character, as AndrlCh has explained. For example, suppose you've maxed out first 6 classes on the table above, then your second character will have +50 HP, +6 PP, +80 MEL Pwr, +100 RNG Pwr, +100 TEC Pwr ... etc. Otherwise, they are just a newbie character. Still, if you create your second character on the same ship as the first, then the second character can borrow all the equipment from the first, so raising their levels will be much faster.

I get a message sometimes saying "you are already carrying the max number of items allowed. The item was moved to the Storage." I check general storage. Nothing new. I check character storage. Nothing new. I check temporary storage. Nothing at all. Items are just vanishing and I have no idea where they're going or what I'm losing What's the deal here?

@zaffy2005 If that's happening in the Mining Base urgent quest, it's usually just stuff like healing items.

@Ezodagrom It happens frequently after missions, after turning in COs, happened just now and all I did was move from Personal Quarters to the Shopping Area.