Ask a veteran ARKS!

@AndrlCh Well, that simplifies a lot of things at least. Is there any purpose in maxing out all classes then, other than "having options?"

@zaffy2005 If you level all classes to lv75, you get the Class Boost Titles that give you permanent Base Stat boosts for all characters:

alt text

Since they are Titles, it only needs to be done once per class on any character and they become available for all characters on all Ships. After that, there is nothing similar to that for lv80, 85, 90, and 95, just stuff like Transmutation Tickets and SG.

Ok, so max out one character on everything, use that time to "playtest" every class, then decide which class to use for the other two, basically?

@zaffy2005 You can do it that way, but you can also go with what @Ezodagrom recommended of making each of your characters a single "type;" I have gone that route on my characters with one as MEL/DEX, one as RNG, and one as TEC, though they will be Phantom, Etoile, and Hero, respectively, when those are released.

@zaffy2005 said in Ask a veteran ARKS!:

Ok, so max out one character on everything, use that time to "playtest" every class, then decide which class to use for the other two, basically?

You don't have to do all in one character, you just have to do them all in the same ship, since those boosts are title rewards, which are shared amongts all your characters in the same ship.

@Ezodagrom Titles are account-bound, meaning that it doesn't even need to be on the same Ship.

@AndrlCh Oh, I never had chars in different ships, I just assumed they would be ship bound. xD

@Ezodagrom Yeah, that's how people were able to get stuff like the Amphitrite Stone Title so fast since they could just hop between Ships and get more than one [Persona] run done in a session and they all counted toward the Title.

@AndrlCh Yeah, that makes sense. ^^;

(Unrelated, I wish we would get UH Persona in the JP version, just so the Persona EQ would be common again for a while, I want to make one more lightstream but I'm out of erebos stones). xD

@AndrlCh So having one be a Ranger or Gunner main, another be a Bouncer or Braver main (or any of the Melee classes), and the third be a Force, Techer, and/or Summoner main, essentially? Although I've heard I should invest in Summoner to unlock the subclass boost but is that really practical in the long run? Wouldn't I have to keep Summoner as my main to get that bonus, and on top of that subclasses can only level up just so far so I'id have to swap them to main and lose the boost anyway?

@Ezodagrom wait, so if I have one character do Gunner, Ranger, and Braver, character 2 maxes out Force, Techer, and Summoner, and character three maxes out Hunter, Fighter, and Bouncer, that would unlock the "all classes maxed out" title so long as all three characters are on the same ship/account? I don't need to have one character max out all 9 classes?

@zaffy2005 Summoner's Subclass EXP bonus Skill does only work when it is your main class, and it is an automatically learned Skill (like with Braver's and Bouncer's Mag Skills), but all it really does is double the EXP the subclass gets up until lv55 (50% EXP instead of just 25%).

Also, yes, you can be spread out the leveling to 75 across all your characters, and does not need to be done on a single character since it isn't a single Title, rather it is nine separate Titles, one for each class.

@AndrlCh Now, I've been reading up on the different classes and each one has a stat bonus unlocked when it reaches level 75 applied to all classes and all characters. Is that bonus increased by maxing out the same class on multiple characters (making it worthwhile to go all-out grinding every character) or is it a one-time buff (making the "divide and conquer" approach the way to go)?

And moving off to another topic for a moment, I know it's been recommended not to bother using AE/ME Wands on a Force (Such as the Nox Kuklos) because it's not a "native" weapon for the Force, but using Techer as the subclass, can a Force benefit from wand-related skills such as Wand Gear, Wand Lover, and Wand Reactor? Not sure the names are properly translated for the NA version, pretty sure "Wand Gear" is called "Wand Focus" in-game, but anyway, since these aren't "main class only" perks can a Force using a Wand and the Techer Subclass benefit from these perks?

@zaffy2005 Only once per class. The chart I posted shows what you get from each class.

You can use those Skills as a Force, but since Force has no Skills that benefit Melee Proficiency, you aren't really getting the most out of Wand combat. Honestly, if you want to do the whole Wand combat with casting effectively, you're going to have to wait until you can use Phantom as your subclass.

@AndrlCh Having read up on the Successor classes, I am definitely looking forward to Phantom and Etoile, particularly the ability to maintain mobility while casting (believe the site called it "stealth casting"). With not needing to go all-in on any one character, definitely going to be rethinking my approach here. And I'm assuming the skill tree I build on a subclass remains if/when I switch to using that as a main class, so I should be mindful of what I'm spending those points on.

Right now I've got Ranger/Hunter, Braver/Hunter, and Force/Techer. I'll probably grind Gunner on my Ranger next to keep the RNG focus, probably Summoner or Bouncer on the Force to keep the TEC focus, leaving Fighter for my Braver to level up. That sound like a good plan?

@zaffy2005 Bouncer has a similar skill to Braver that converts the DEX in the mag into offensive stats (melee and tec stats in the case of Bouncer). Also both Braver and Bouncer mag skills stack with Phantom's, in the future Phantom will make a great subclass for both Braver and Bouncer.